one of the many creative logos of was created by Forby on October 4th 2009 as a response to the shutdowns of the two forums of BoxxyForums and iheartboxxy.

After's server broke in November, was for a time the only Boxxy-centric website on the internet. A few refugee Uninites registered on and have so far stayed on the forums ever since. The site didn't have any real rules except for "just be respectful" and "no porn shoops". Forby and the majority of the users on the site decided it would be best if was not advertised. Despite having questionably respectful threads such as "Cate's yearbook" and "Cate's next play", the site was generally opposed to actually bothering and contacting Catie's friends and any others who knew Boxxy IRL. After an ilb user contacted Dan on facebook and gave him the link to, Dan attempted to register. Dan's account was never approved by the ilb admin, citing it would be against what Cate would want and would just give Dan more undeserved attention. The decision received a mixed response from the ilb users.

The site was shutdown by FreeForums in late December 2009 after it was reported for a ToS violation by Killwebs. (Now - see below)

snoopy_hug_logo.jpg's logo

The 4th large forum dedicated to boxxy and the first one with paid-hosting. was created on January 2nd 2010 by Intrepid and Forby. Forby remained an admin on the site for a couple of weeks before stepping down, leaving Intrepid as the only admin. Since then, Intrepid has added more rules to the site such as "no second names", however this rule was lifted shortly after Catie's return.

For a long time, had many of the same users as Unichan, but also had many users that posted exclusively on the Forum. The molding between Unichan and iloveboxxy sometimes created silly situations while Catie was still absent, since Unichan had no rules about stalking, while ILB always has. At the start of Catie's return, ILB's attempts at being nice to Catie by having more moderation than Unichan did it no favors as Catie herself seemed to have no problem with Unichan, with her posting pictures of herself there. It is likely she did so out of convenience however, since Unichan has never required registration to view.

Catie's Forum (

In early 2011, several months after Catie's return, Intrepid set out to create a brand new "official site" that would serve as Catie's new home. There were many reasons behind this. Firstly, Catie herself wanted a site with more moderation, where she herself had a say in how things were run. Secondly, Intrepid wanted to wrest control away from the shadowy Boxxychan, who until then had had a "persistent Jewhold" on the community. (Not only was he Unichan's admin, but he was also the owner and host of ILB's servers.) Finally, Eyrev and his team of crows wanted a new site so that they could better track the actions of the villainous Boxxyfan.

For much of 2011 and 2012, Catie's forum was largely inactive compared to the much more popular CatieChan side of the website. Gradually, though, things changed and CatieChan died while the Forum began to attract vast hoards of new users from YouTube and other places.

Today, Catie's Forum is known as the more carefree and "silly" side of the Boxxysphere. Unlike Unichan, the Forum's userbase is largely made up of younger fans who visit and post to have fun and to get to know the other users as friends. As seen during the Great Kelly Shitstorm of April 2014, many of these users panic and have no idea what to do at the sight of classic, old-Sphere-type drama.

Nevertheless, the Forum remains the most active part of the Sphere today- the weekly amount of new posts there dwarfs that of both Unichan and CC combined. Catie herself is most active on the Forum as well, continuing to post there most Fridays, while only occasionally posting on the chan.

Update September 2016: It has been 6 months since Catie visited, this is probably due to her job as voice actress. The forum is still alive and kicking tho.

Current Site Mods
These are the people who basically run the Forum, since Intrepid is never online. :P

Addmin - Ancient oldfag and former BoxxyForums admin. One of the few mods to be both sensible and competent.

Christopher - Buyer of the Inyusha Bag. Tends to only post when Catie is online. Known as "Ponymous" recently on Twitter and Catiechan.

Doubledave - Creator of the comprehensive update site "" and an all-around nice guy.

Jelly - Extremely active, and extremely controversial, fan of Catie, Porphyria, and Taylor Swift. He was made a mod so that he could edit and manage his master list of Catie's videos, which is hosted in a Forum thread.

Jiu2 - A mod known for his irrational phobia of anything he considers "site drama." He constantly tries to control the flow of every single discussion, even when no rules are being broken

Nick - Boyfriend of Pocky. He's completely inactive, yet still retains his position because he helped create the site.

Sky Rider - Was made a mod for unlclear reasons very shortly after joining the site. Nevertheless, he has proven himself competent and worthy of the position.


Alex - Influential fan-artist and the organizer of the 1st Valentine's Video. He was fired for helping RC escape his ban.

RC - aka RoseCate. Controversial and unstable figure who was made a mod because of his extreme-oldfag status. He was fired, amdist the greatest shitstorm of all time, for traveling to California to meet Catie without her permission.

Rush - Left the Sphere for mysterious reasons the night after Catie returned. Has been seen only one time since then.

Ryle7h - Was added by mistake apparently. Was removed after BigKebab complained with about 15 threads.

Normy - A female Boxxyfan best known for her fan-art, viewable here.

Mau5 - Short for Anonimau5. Was made a mod because of her love and dedication to Catie, but eventually resigned and became a regular user again.

Kelly - An infamous figure who was made a mod for reasons that are unclear. After Forby exposed their vast spiderweb of lies, manipulations, and catfishing, they were stripped of their position and banned.