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The Beginning

http://iheartboxxy.freeforums.org was founded in late May 2009 by 2 avid boxxy fans from boxxychan.tk who called themselves Overbeing and AthynKronos.

The Council

In early June 2009, a new hidden sub-forum was added called the "council chamber". The idea was that it was a place for the trusted members of iheart to discuss things that shouldn't be made public to any Boxxyfan or troll who joins iheart. In a way it was a good idea in that any info or pictures any stalkers found would only be shared with the people they thought were trustworthy enough to not brag about it and therefore anything they did wouldn't affect Cate since no dumb /b/tards like the ones who organised boxxpeace would know things like who Boxxy's drama friends were. Not every councilor was a stalker and many never asked to be made a councilor, they were just made one becuase they seemed trustworthy enough by the stalkers. Things didn't work out well as some councilors of course started bragging about their pictures and info by bragging in boxxy threads and even sometimes broadcasting their unposted pictures in the public iheart tinychat. The thread which led to it's creation was kept public and the forum group "Councilor" was also viewable by the normal users, so even though the Council chamber itself was unviewable, everyone on iheart knew who the council were and that they had something they weren't sharing. Eventually the council's bragging led to the event known as July 12th.

Eyrev-run iheart

Although it was the first of the boxxy forums it was ridiculed for being too strict in policy after Eyrev took over in mid-July 2009. Much of this wasn't because the policies were really strict but because they were made by Eyrev.It was also after he became a mod that several of the older members started posting less there and more at the invisionfree forums or Boxxy Forums. Eventually a rivalry between iheart and BF started, but later cooled down. iheart also faced fierce judgment by anonymous users at Unichan, first for their "hoarding" of info and pictures and later for their rules and policies which were deemed "nazi like" by many Unichanners.

The End - October 2009

By the beginning of October 2009 the admins, under pressure from Niki and after long chats with Eyrev and Pat, decided to close the forum. After a few days of making people's names different colors admin was given over to Eyrev, and he officially closed the forums. Although the forum was ending, some extreme users felt like they wanted a forum without boxxy, so they made one. iheartrandom.freeforums.org is a non-boxxy forum mainly made up of the ihearters who accepted Niki's word. The site was created by Ejm as a response to the shutdowns of Boxxy Forums and iheartboxxy.

The site was shutdown on October 5th 2009 which led to the creation of iloveboxxy.com and the non-boxxy forum of iheartrandom.

Later in Spring 2010, someone re-registered the previously expired iheartboxxy freeforums name. Nothing so far has been added to it other than the default test forum. The admin has never returned and the site remains pretty much dead.