'''Oh shit guys, Boxxy has returned, and this time she's going to war.
<br />
thumb|The face that launched [[Over 9000|thousands of people to shit bricks.]]
'''Boxxy''' is another in a long line of chanwhores to revolt and/or endear themselves to the lovelorn basement dwellers at [[b/|]].

What initially appeared as a normal, attractive, emo, jailbait Gaiafag soon transformed into a psychotic, ADD-riddled spastic which is the dream girl of most chantards (but only because most of them have the same personality.)

In early-January 2009, '''Catherine "Catie" Wayne''' arrived on the scene and promptly fractured the unofficial peace treaty in the ongoing newfag/oldfag (actually all the same) wars with her character whom she would later state was intended to be a parody of her younger self. To the newfags ''-sorry-'' oldfags, she was representative of everything that is wrong about the '[[new /b/]]' whilst to the ''other'' newfags, she was some kind of poster girl for change from the ugly, vile, disgusting underbelly of the Internets that [[Old /b/|/b/ once was]].

Most /b/tards' first encounter with Boxxy was when some wannabe oldfag - a pioneering Boxxy-hater - around New Years 2009, decided to start a "YOU RAGE YOU LOSE"-thread. The OP had Boxxy's face as the thread image, and linked to one of her youtube videos. Needless to say, this wannabe rage-thread backfired horribly, with the otherwise puppy-raping, scat-eating Anon giving responses like "she's kind of cute lol". Two years later, with hourly Boxxy threads still trolling oldfags into uncontrollable rage fits, it was safe to conclude that the original "rage"-thread may have been one of the biggest fail threads on the history of the internet as we know it.


The Beginning

Boxxy's videos actually came out a year before this incident. The story starts with a Gaia Online user, "MoldyLunchBoxx", making a Quest to raise money and buy stuff for her avatar. While collecting donations, she made two vids to her friends, perhaps as some sort of payment. Originally posted in January, 2008 on the YouTube channel 'boxxybabe', they received little attention for a year till they were embedded onto on December 27th, 2008. Soon they were discovered by someone at 7chan and subsequently embedded into the top of their [[b/|/b/]] board. This coincidentally came at a time that 4chan was down for maintenance and 7chan was flooded with refugees from the former.

When 4chan was back online, Boxxy became an "If your rage you lose" and an "If you fall in love you lose" endurance test. One group of /b/tards lost and fell in love, and the other group of /b/tards lost by raging. The two sets of losers where headed for conflict, egged on by a third group in the middle, neither in love nor exactly raging; but seeing an opportunity for the lulz.

Meanwhile, a bunch of newfags spammed "4CHAN.ORG LOL I TROLL 1 & 2" in the comments on her videos. Somewhat scared, she closed the "boxxybabe" YouTube account and came to /b/ on January 7th, to lurk about her supposed Queen condition. Suddenly enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, she posted links to two of her pics. Of course, they called her a troll since nobody believed it was really her. So she created a new YouTube account called "boxxybabee" (with two e's) and uploaded her infamous third vid where she acknowledged it was her the one who posted the links to her pics. Brix were shat.
cg|The beginning|boxxybeg|center|<gallery>
Image:Gaia_posts.PNG|What could possibly go wrong?
Image:BoxxyBabeOriginalYoutube.png|Original YouTube account.
Image:I_am_bored.png|Link is posted in
Image:Boxxybabe_vids.png|Boxxy deleting her vids.
Image:Boxxy_in_4chan_1.png|Boxxy posting in 4chan #1
Image:Boxxy_in_4chan_2.png|Boxxy posting in 4chan #2
Image:Boxxy_in_4chan_3.png|Boxxy posting in 4chan #3
Image:Boxxy_in_4chan_4.png|Boxxy posting in 4chan #4
Image:Boxxy_in_4chan_5.png|Boxxy posting in 4chan #5
Image:Boxxy_in_4chan_6.png|Boxxy posting in 4chan #6
Image:Boxxy01.jpg|One of the pics she "posted" in the thread.
Image:Boxxy02.jpg|The other pic.

The three Boxxy videos

<center>fv|boxxy|background-color: white;|font-weight: bold; |<youtube>6h4t8iw1pxs</youtube>|<youtube>WCwcRnv8brM</youtube>|


Gallery of Screenshots

cg|Screenies|id|center|<gallery perrow=5>
</gallery>|<gallery perrow=5>
Image:Boxxy Screencap 1.png
Image:Boxxy Screencap 2.jpg
Image:Boxxy combo cap.png


(Delicious) Boxxypasta

I like Boxxy, and here's why. I'm not post pubescent (over 25), I have a girlfriend, and I don't fantasize about her. I like her because she is the antidote, the antithesis, the hemlock in the cup to Internet Tough Guyism.

I was surprised to see that, for all its posturing, /b/ really does hold one thing sacred: its "bad muthafucka" image of itself. /b/ really believes that it's frightening, that it's tougher than a Ford Chevy, that it's badass masculinity personified, in a sense. And, before, there were very few ways to disrupt this image, to give it a good hard kick in the shins.

And then Boxxy came along. Boxxy love is everything /b/ hates - passive, gentle, adorable, sweet. It gives without asking, it loves without asking in return. Instead of being aggressively faux-adult, it's happily faux-childlike. That's why Boxxy became a meme - because she DIDN'T want the attention; because she provided no pics (as the /b/tards will attest). As a result, Boxxy turned into the most successful way to troll the /b/tards ever devised. It actually makes the gore and violence and sexism and racism fantards squeal, because it hits them where it hurts - in their image of themselves. How can they be tough, scary guys when their favorite hangout is one long love poem to Boxxy love? So that's why I love Boxxy - the sound of /b/'s humiliation is sweet music to my ears.


thumb|This macro made by someone who [[newfag|was not around for Cracky-Chan]]
thumb|left|Somehow I think /b/ was doomed long before Boxxy.
It may be difficult to believe, but some people don't like Boxxy. She has been called [[the cancer that is killing /b/]] among other things. Currently 4chan is in RAGE mode over the fact that on January 10th 2009 at least 50% of the threads on their [[b/|/b/]] board were about Boxxy, either pro or against. This amount of Boxxy on /b/ caused a war on 4chan that led to them destroying themselves for a whole 4 hours due to DoS.

quote|Hi I'm an ugly whore who is just jealous because Boxxy is a billion times hotter than me. Also my personality is very abrasive. |'''PrinceGyasa''' - ''Admitting Boxxy's superiority over her''

quote|Hi I suck cocks for attention. |'''PrinceGyasa''' - ''she would suck your dick man''

{| align="center" style="padding:0px;"
<center>'''Straight from her own mouth!'''</center>

Boxxy inspires DDoS against 4chan

thumb|208px|[[Chemo|The Result]]
thumb|left|208px|[[The Final Solution]]

Only some hours after Boxxy uploaded her 3rd vid, /b/ got locked in perma-shitstorm mode while its front page was full of Boxxy threads. While Boxxy lovers and Boxxy haters kept fighting, the latter conspired to form a DDoS attack on 4chan if Moot did not make Boxxy a bannable offense, or bring back Snacks and let him sort through all the Boxxy bullshit. Though this same group of people was responsible for half of the Boxxy threads in the first place, the irony of the situation was lost on the group of simple-minded /b/tards.

Eventually at 7pm est 1/10/09, 4chan went down, however this only lasted about 3 hours before it was back up with moar Boxxy fawning and aids as before. Soon, pretty much two thirds of all /b/ threads were Boxxy threads. After the initial shitstorm of shitposts, however, all Boxxy threads would 404 almost instantly, and eventually anything regarding Boxxy would result in a 2 day autoban. The autoban idea was one that 7chan had implemented hours beforehand, which is funny considering Boxxy was all their fault to begin with.

TL;DR: Haters succeded in making Boxxy a bannable offense, reducing the amount of Boxxy threads by DDoS'ing their own chan.


<center><gallery perrow=5>

frame|center||This is what you got when trying to post "Boxxy" on the first half of 2009.

Gallery of I Hate Boxxy

Despite the fact that /b/ divided up sides and argued the issue quite angrily, /b/ still came out a winner. Whether one of the "I hate Boxxy" camp, or a member of the "I <3 Boxxy" armies, everyone all got to see some Femanon flesh. Nerdy girls around the world felt it was their solemn duty to post their tits and vaginas with the express reason of explaining their feelings towards Boxxy.

Because of Boxxy, /b/ had witnessed more female body parts in 24 hours than they have seen in the previous year, also further proof that deep down, women are jealous attention whores. Below you will find a brief sampling of what was witnessed.

cg|'''Gallery of I Hate Boxxy'''|boxxygallery|center|<gallery>
Image:Angel-chan 001.jpg
Image:Copy of angel-chan 002.jpg
Image:Hateboxxy 17.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 3.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 1.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 7.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 5.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 6.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 9.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 10.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 11.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 12.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 13.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 14.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 15.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 16.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 18.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 19.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 20.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 21.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 22.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 23.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 24.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 25.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 26.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 27.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 28.jpg|
Image:Hateboxxy 29.jpg|


thumb|Zarithis founding member of the CBCR (also known as Eyrev), editing the talk page of this article to advertise their [[IRC channel, which they were using to collect Boxxy's IRL information.]]
thumb|Documents pastebin leaked by the CBCR.
thumb|XenuAstley, being discrete about the location of the leaked docs.
squote|'''<@Killhamster> "ranking" "investigation" "psychological dominance" these people are way too serious business|Killhamster'''
On January 18th, 2009, three weeks after the first appearance of Boxxy, a group of namefags calling themselves the CBCR (Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction) hacked into Boxxy's Youtube account by guessing the question to reset the password after breaking into one of email accounts. They privatized her three videos and replaced them with one explaining to Boxxy that she should never make another video again, threatening her with the fact that they have all of her IRL information. After posting the video they proceeded to hang around the comments on their own accounts bragging to everyone who posted that it was them who hacked into Boxxy's account. Hacking into Boxxy's accounts on any other terms would have been a valiant and noble effort, but the sheer amount of bragging, namefagging and just generally trying to become internet celebrities off of this has been deemed to be extreme faggotry. Thus invalidating the act altogether.

Upon reading the above updates, the "hackers" responsible for white knighting Boxxy by finding her docs and spreading them all over the internets, put out another video on Boxxy's account. In said video they contradicted themselves about six times. They explained that they didn't do for e-cred, yet called themselves martyrs in the fight for the internet. In one line they explained that they did it "because she was annoying to not just 4chan, but everyone on the internet" and a couple of lines later they explained "Yeah she was annoying, but she is just a bubbly 16 year old girl"

As you can see by the screencap on the right, a transcript of said second video was used as the index page for the IP of someone claiming to be the leader of the "hacker" organization to take down Boxxy's YouYube and throw her docs all over the tubes. This individual left a crybaby message on this very articles talkpage trying to defend himself and his ''organization'', however, his unwarranted self importance was not welcome here and he was thoroughly put back in his place.

Later that same night (actually early that next morning, January 20th, 2009 2 AM EST), Boxxy's YouTube account was reverted back to normal. Her videos were placed back up. The FTP server for the CBCR went down about the same time. Zaiger was contacted by the CBCR via ED's IRC server. A severe case of troll's remorse and extreme butthurt over not becoming the next Weev had caused them to shut down their ''organization'' and abandon their plans to save Boxxy by giving /b/ her home address and a crowbar.

July 12th

thumb|left|Newfags make Threats.
thumb|right|Confirmed Boxxy match.
On July 12, 2009, it was discovered that the messageboard "iheartboxxy," a group of Boxxy fans started by an ED member by the name of Overbeing (who later promoted ex-CBCR founder Eyrev to moderator), hosted a small secluded group of people who had found 2 videos of Boxxy (Cate) filmed with a group of friends attending the 2009 Spring California Thespian Festival. These users on the messageboard were known as its "Council." A Council member by the name of Shamage quickly had all of his private information found, and the entire website was threatened by posters on /b/, in an attempt to force them to upload the videos. As an act of solidarity with /b/, and faced with the possibility of escalating conflict, an iheartboxxy admin eventually obliged and uploaded the 2 videos here:

Soon after, threads started appearing featuring the New Boxxy, fake Boxxy MySpaces, Facebooks and Instant Messenger accounts. One of which featuring a [ Fake Boxxie] with a status with the following "Guys, stop bothering with those videos. I appear for like, 2 seconds in each one."

quote|I know what's she's going through. She's made vapid, privileged egotistical friends who enjoy shallow partying and no real thought. Yet this is what she must endure, and even emulate. She can't go back to the fantasy land of the internet. Her online friends, entertainment, and communities cannot be leaned on any more. Partly because she doesn't want to feel like a loser, but also intensely because of the brutal unending onslaught of her 'fans', who like so many rabid subject tore down the castle of her free and easy internet life. Now she hangs out with these kids, the people she's supposed to be friends with doing the things they're supposed to do - drinking, fucking, facebooking, listening to pop indie bands and rap (they think it's funny because they're so white). Before she was the girl in the corner, enjoying a world delivered through the web. Now she's been pushed into the social crowd and she doesn't like it but there's nothing else to do.|The <s>philosophical and eloquently introspective</s>this anon takes being social
waaay too fucking seriously


thumb|right|Laying flowers outside a girl's house isn't stalking, [[lies|right?]]
thumb|right|Boxxy's [[pussy]]
Boxxy Peace on 25 July, sequel to BoxxMeet was when a group of about 14 anons met at Robert Doyle Park, in Roseville. They visited her supposed house at 8032 Halseworth Drive and rang the bell, but no one answered. After that they went to her confirmed real house at 202 Pelham Court and were stopped by a chair across the gate. They rang the bell but no one answered, so they left some flowers outside her door saying "Anon". They then talked to one of boxxy's ex boyfriends Dan Birlem, who was her prom date and apparently fucked her, although he failed to admit to it on cam. They decided Boxxy wasn't going to come, so they got frozen yogurt.


Previous to December 26, a sequel to BoxxPeace was planned. Originally called Boxxmass, Boxxy fans were going to gather at Robert Doyle Park, in Roseville and bring gifts for Boxxy. Well known people like Motorcycle-fag and some camwhores showed up. No video or photo evidence was recorded of this event. It was suspected that Anon really did not care about their queen after all.

New Wave of Pictures

Following these videos around 60 previously unseen,thumb|The Killwebs index page after personal info was leaked. tl;dr [[Cry|BAWWWW]] intolerably blurry boxxy photos were obtained by "Cali4nia" of After Cali4nia had spent several weeks flirting with Niki—one of Boxxy's IRL friends—thumb|A forum post by a killwebs member, illustrating their fearsome hacking skills (obvious sarcasm is obvious?..guess not)he convinced her to send him some previously unseen images of Boxxy, which he then raped with the "Killwebs" logo in gargantuan font to aggravate those stupid-ass boxxyfags. Five seconds later some boxxyfag released unblurry copies without the logo. <s> and Killwebs attempted to take revenge for having his hard work ruined, by doxing those responsible</s> None of this ever happened, lolwtf. Eventually Cali4nia's home address, phone number, name and family members' names were released instead by 888chan, causing the Killwebs team to shut down their site.

December 10, 2009 - The shitstorm clouds roll in...

quote|boxxy and boxxybabee are registered trademarks by Lia Dawson & Frank Lawson Network.
On December 10, 2009, the [ Boxxybabee] account and its videos were taken down due to a copyright claim by somebody named Lia Dawson (<s>[ YouTube Account]</s> - Suspended) & Frank Lawson. This Lia person claims to know Boxxy and has orders to take all Boxxy-related material on YouTube down (as stated on a video that has since been deleted by lia).

This is all likely to be bullshit, but it has also been discovered that "Boxxy" was a registered trademark of [ Oulipo, Inc]. from 2006 to 2008. This copyright was renewed on December 2nd, 2009. It's unclear if there is any connection to these two events or if anyone gives a shit.

It was eventually discovered by YouTube user ChrissyRin ([ YouTube Account]) that "Lia Dawson" is actually a scamming douchebag who attempted to steal Boxxy's account (as well as 20+ others) for his/her own gain.

On December 14th, the boxxybabee account was activated again but without any videos on it. Soon after over the next few days, the videos were completely restored with all the comments intact. According to Lia, this was done at his/her own discretion and they could choose to remove it all once more, if they wish.

Soon after, the Lia account was abandoned by whoever owned it. According to chatter, the account was haxored in early January 2010 and taken over by an unknown party affiliated with Tinychan. On Janurary 07, 2010, the JewTube account was suspended, along with every other JewTube account linked to this DMCA scammer. It is believed this complete suspension only occurred because the scammer (now known as Xavier) decided to be a complete, moronic douchebag & go onto Twitter to kiss a bunch of JewTube representatives asses (as well as show what he had done), hoping to become one of the site's partners. Within the hour of that conversation occuring, Google & JewTube shut down every JewTube account (well over 20 accounts) & g-mail account connected to him. Every single video & account ever taken down by "Lia", "Frank" & anything connected to "them" was restored.

March 11, 2010 - The next chapter

On March 11th 2010, the videos from the original [ Boxxybabee] account were taken down yet again. The only reason stated by JewTube is "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation". All copies on other accounts remain untouched. Two people claimed responsibility for this act. On [ Unichan], a tripfag who goes by Anon77 (who states he is the actual Anon77 named in the CBRC video), claimed to have fooled JewTube into believing he is Boxxy who has returned to state that the account was hacked and asked for the videos to be removed (This is plausible seeing as how retarded JewTube's support staff are). He even went so far as to make an account with a cheap shooped picture of Boxxy holding up a piece of paper, asking for the account back. The other is a user on JewTube, known as <s>[ Boxxology]</s> (Account closed. User has disappeared.), who has personally lobbied to get the videos taken down, believing the comments and popularity of them to be damaging to Boxxy IRL. They believe that JewTube finally listened to them and removed them. The original videos may never return. It is unknown as to the true reason they were removed.

'''August 7th 2010 account and vids back up.

'''November 2010 vids are down again, probably the work of anon77.

Conversation with Boxxy

quote|My problem is that it's like I didnt do anything, maybe if i had done something worth, you know, acknowledging, I would be able to take the fucking like bad with the good but I'm not getting any good... I mean it's a bit much to call me a celebrity... like its getting to the point where like it is invading my personal life and I'm not getting any benefits.

In early 2010, a video containing an alleged conversation with Catie and Nikki surfaced on JewTube. In the video, Catie claimed that she did not want all the attention lavished upon her; particularly since she felt that Boxxy was nothing to be proud of.


The School Plays


During Boxxy's senior year in High School, Roseville-native Anons started attending plays for Bawksy at her school. And snapping pictures.

quote|That's going the be one of my biggest regrets in life, if I don't rectify it somehow. I was too scared too see her afterwards. I was really glib about it when they announced that you could meet the actors afterwards since I thought I was over her. The first time I looked her into the eyes I was fighting it, saying this is what they teach bartenders, strippers and ricky martin to make it seem they're genuinely into you and not another source of income. The second time it happened she just broke down anything cynical that was happening in my head and I was just happy for the first time in a long while. I was hooked and I wanted it to happen a third time. It didn't happen but I was glad she wasted two seconds of her time just to look at me. As I was leaving I just knew i couldn't go in there, I was sweating bullets my hands were shaking and I probably would've shed a tear thinking do I really want to end this? I wanted to give myself a reason to just see her one more time even though it would be less socially inappropriate at her graduation or dance. I'm smiling just thinking how this girl could do this to me with just a glance.

Only video footage that we have so far
cg|'''Boxxy Plays Gallery'''|boxxygallery3|center|<gallery>


June 17th 2010


In January of 2010, 4chan was spammed with fliers of a supposed return of Boxxy to JewTubes on June 17th, 2010. The original plan was to spam the date everywhere until Bawksy herself would discover it and decide to go along with it and post moar videos of herself on JewTube.

The spam has then bled over to [ Unichan] and aroused attention amongst Boxxy fans there as well.

Most Anons decided to stop with the Boxxy stalking if she did not return by then. Others committed themselves to Boxxy for life and decided to get a fitting tattoo.

Much to the sadness of boxxyfags & newfags alike, Boxxy did not return as prophecized on June 17th. The entire campaign it seems was unsuccessful, with mentally retarded basement channers attempting to cling to any remaining obsessive humanity they had left.

An Anonymous Confession

When will you stop smiling at me?

You know I have that obsession for you. You know that I get torn up inside every time I see that face. Or maybe you don't, and I'm just insane. Either way, I'll just say right out that I love you. There's nobody else I can look at when I'm feeling alone, unloved, and unwanted. You make me feel like a person again, and not some piece of trash thrown out by the rest of the world. I can breathe, feel alive, and be encased in love. I wish I could be with you forever. I would give anything for it. This lonely guy is just begging for it... He dreams about you, you know. Sometimes he can feel your touch, hear your voice, and see your face. The worst part is...

He knows it never happen, and he cries himself back to sleep...

Boxxy appears on shitty BBC drama

On the 12th of July, whilst the deaf protagonist is giving some guy a blowjob on a shitty BBC drama called 'The Silence', graffiti saying 'So i herd you liek /b/oxxy' is clearly visible. Brix were shat.


Boxxy threads still occasionally materialize on the /b/. The new groundswell of people willing to troll lasted a couple of days and then subsided. Users have simply accepted her undeniable presence that still exists over 4chan whether or not they come to like it (Which would have been cool, if they had done it before matters got out of hand).
The Youtube remixes and tributes have slowed to a trickle as well although there are a few occasions.

And please do not make pathetic attempts of revival or reaching out to her such as this poor, miserable soul.

Moot & Boxxy

On the 31st of October, while discussing some maintenance issues, Christopher "moot" Poole posted this:

frame|center|For fuck's sake mootykins, did you really have to post that?

thumb|400px|center|Shooped? You decide.
400px|thumb|center|Oh mootykins, you dirty bastard.

This is obviously an impostor, seeing as how it was posted the day after Halloween, "Boxxy"'s bangs are parted to the wrong side, and there is no triforce birthmark. However, whether or not the eccentric Moot really chilled with Boxxy, it is clear that he does indeed hold no animosity toward her as a person.

The Return, AKA Boxxy cashes in.

thumb|center|500px|The bag
thumb|200px|Boxxy wants you to send her your money.

On 11/18/10, a date that may live in infamy, the beloved/despised Boxxy returned to the internet. First discovered through the sale of her InuYasha bag on eBay, she posted a picture on Unichan to prove her Boxxiness and begged neck beards to send her their money by posting a timestamped image with her Paypal info. Shitstorms ensued. While the news of her return spread like wildfire to every chanboard, the skeptics began to accuse the new Boxxy of fraud. However later that night Boxxy Super-fans posted pictures pointing out the matching shoes, chinscar, freckles, and other things only those creepy fucks would notice. The second auction ended on 11/23/10, but the bag was not paid for.

On 11/30/10 she also [ listed] her childhood "Sanrio Cinamoroll Backpack", which sold for $1000, and was confirmed paid for, unlike her InuYasha bag, on 12/10/10, via [ feedback] confirming delivery.


On 11/25/10, "Catie" posted this video on Unichan, along with pictures to prove legitimacy.

First video is the original, second is with subtitles.

<center>fv|halovids1|background-color: #00FFAA;|font-weight: bold;
|'''A New Hope'''<br/><youtube>aTyCJQYrGt0</youtube>
|'''Boxxy Needs Our Help'''<br/><youtube>MpZp0ycS1aQ</youtube>


It seems that boxxy needs help to get her channel back. Many brix were shat at this request.

For you dumbshits that don't believe it's her, view the image in full size and compare the scar on her chin and triforce birthmark to the other many pictures of her.




I swear to fucking god I will ban you for not adhering to this.



cg|'''Boxxy Gallery'''|boxxygallery2|center|<gallery>
Image:Boxxy yous trollin.jpg|Trolling? I am shocked and appalled, madam. As if.
Image:Badass_Boxxy.jpg|Boxxy will kick your ass
Image:Boxxyzalgoo.jpg|My name is Z҉A҉L҉G҉O̚̕̚..
Image:Boxxy_Gallery.jpg|Not everybody can handle this much Boxxy.
Image:Boxxy_4.jpg|Boxxy Wallpaper #1
Image:Boxxy_3.jpg|Boxxy Wallpaper #2
Image:Why so boxxy.jpg|Why so Boxxy?
Image:Hateboxxy 2.jpg|Mudkips do not liek Boxxy.
Image:7boxxys.jpg|Behind 7 Boxxies
Image:Boxy Brown.gif|Boxxy IRL
Image:La.png|Annoying bitch.
Image:BoxxyDONOTWANT.jpg|Boxxy has seen what cannot be unseen.
Image:For-boxxy.jpg|Anons willing to strip themselves of their title for Boxxy.
Image:Xhibit_boxxy.jpg|Sup /b/? Xzibit is appalled by your faggotry.
Image:Boxxy-rainbow.jpg|Oh shit, I'm trippin bawls, man. Wallpaper.
Image:Boxxy che 3.jpg|Viva la Boxxy wallpaper (black and white).
Image:Boxxy-wall.jpg|OH GOD SHE'S IN THE WALLS (wallpaper)
Image:Boxxy che red wallpaper.jpg|Wallpaper - Che red
Image:Boxxy wallpaper 3.jpg|Wallpaper - Che red
Image:Boxxy wallpaper 2.jpg|Wallpaper - Che gray
Image:Boxxy-face-wallpaper1.jpg|Pop art wallpaper
Image:Boxxy-love-wallpaper.jpg|Greater than three Boxxy. Four people in one body. Explains a lot. Wallpaper.
Image:Boxxy red alert 3.jpg|Boxxy features in ''Red Alert 3'', siding with the Reds. Wallpaper.
Image:BOXXY Gallery.jpg|Gallery of Boxxy
Image:Boxxycubev2.jpg|Companion Boxx
Image:Hynoboxxy.gif|All glory to the Hypnoboxxy!
Image:I heart Bawxxy.jpg|<3
Image:Boxxyeyes.jpg|She'll suck your cock!
Image:Boxxy do it fgt.jpg|Do it faggot
Image:Boxxy YT Queen Comment.png|Boxxy denying her nomination as queen on her YouTube channel.
Image:Boxxycocks-y.png|It <i>had</i> to happen eventually.
Image:Bad boxy shoop.jpg|Boxxy "/b/ I found this, is it real?"
Image:Boxxy chemo.jpg|Boxxy: /b/ chemo or '''scheduled maintenance'''?
Image:Bxxycartoon.png|Boxxy Fanart
Image:Boxxy box winfigure.jpg|Make your own Boxxy!
Image:Boxxy 0 0.jpg|0_0
Image:Boxxy che.jpg|Possibly exploitable
Image:Boxxy is mary.jpg|Delicious blasphemy
Image:Boxxy jesus 2.jpg|Boxxy = Jesus? Must be in the bible code somewhere...
Image:Boxxy niggaz troll thread.jpg|Feeding the trolls. Always.
Image:Boxxy paint.jpg|Boxxy fan art. Touching or creepy? You decide (think of a single, sweaty, 57 year old man drawing it, if it helps). It was probably a 14 dA kid, but we can but hope.
Image:Boxxy loved by house.jpg|House loves Boxxy.
Image:Boxxy lonely anon.jpg|SO RONERY ;___; The source of much frustration across the internet. Also somewhat creepy.
Image:Boxxy is queen of b.gif|Queen of /b/? Shitstorm of love and hate incoming.
Image:Boxxy haters gtfo.jpg|<Clarence Boddicker>Bitches, leave</Clarence Boddicker>
Image:Boxxy led sign.jpg|Spot the "Boxxy haters GTFO image" leaking off the internet and into the open.
Image:Boxxy-led-sign-screencap1a.jpg|Boxxy spotted escaping the internet
Image:Boxxy-led-sign-screencap1b.jpg|Insert added to show link to the "Boxxy haters GTFO" image.
Image:Boxxy-led-sign-screencap-AN.gif|Animated gif showing a fraction of the the endless Boxxy love and hate on the LED board.
Image:Boxxy is b.jpg|Boxxy is /b/? Great. Now you've spoiled the ending of the movie.
Image:Boxxy i am boxxy.jpg|Boxxy fanart (similar to or inspired by previous)
Image:Boxxy civil war.png|The face that caused bricks to be shat and civil war to be waged. Anarchists VS Monarchists?
Image:Boxxy chan.png|4Chan Boxxy banner. Yeah, this'll go down well with Anon.
Image:Boxxy awesome obama.jpg|The gubmint did Boxxy! Obama involved in controversy?
Image:Boxxy bikini loves ny.jpg|She doesn't look so boxxy now. Boxxy hearts NY. Also boobies. Totally not a shoop, right guys? You'll fap anyway.
Image:Stephanie kills boxxy.jpg|Subtle as always. The enemies of Boxxy unleash their loli assassin Stephanie. Can you feel the love?
Image:Boxxy advice dog trolling.jpg|Boxxy. Currently one of the most potent trolling tools available.
Image:Boxxy the game.gif|When being in the open is too dangerous for Boxxy, she finds other ways to sneak in. Works when posted on *Chan style boards or viewed in full resolution here.
Image:Boxxy has regrets.jpg|Possibly regretting making those videos now she's been outed by the "internet love and kindness machine". I wouldn't open that email if I were you...
Image:Boxxy the chief.jpg|Hail to the chief, baby. Regime change by Boxxy.
Image:Boxxy shit was SO cute.jpg|Shit was SO cute. Inevitable.
Image:Boxxy u see poster.jpg|U SEE? Sure to win hearts and minds if the elections weren't already over.
Image:Boxxytalk1.jpg|Now you too can talk like Boxxy. God help us all.
Image:Boxxy is queen.jpg|A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?
Image:Boxxy is watching.jpg|Boxxy is watching. Watching. WATCHING. ALWAYS.
Image:Boxxy_fansite.jpg|Anti-Boxxy warriors get sneaky by advertising this site in posts and images. IT'S A TRAP. Visit at your own peril.
Image:Boxxy islam.jpg|Boxxy followers make their pilgrimage to the Great Boxx itself. You can almost hear the cries of "Behead those who insult Boxxy!" from the fanatics.
Image:Boxxy crushed 4chan.jpg|4Chan - Crushed by innocent love. D'aaaaaaaaawww. As long as "innocent love" includes repeated anal rape I think even her detractors would agree.
Image:Behead Boxxy.jpg|Touching. It brings a tear to the eye.
Image:Boxxy beats anon.jpg|hat have Boxxy and Scientology got in common?
Image:Boxxy black.jpg|The lesser known Blaxxy has also been spotted running wild recently.
Image:Boxxy cum on face.jpg|You want us to what? Not the most proper of requests from a queen, I would have thought...
Image:Boxxy bukkake.jpg|...aaaand Anonymous delivers! Oh dear. Rule 34.
Image:Boxxy card.jpg|Is Boxxy a trap card? Probably not tournament legal.
Image:Boxxy causes rage.jpg|A quick summary of one of the common reactions to a Boxxy thread, given in reaction to a Boxxy thread.
Image:Boxxy a nice cup of.jpg|How about a nice cup of Boxxy, Anon? Rage and love work better than caffiene. Honest.
Image:Boxxy goddess of b.jpg|Not simply satisfied with her being a queen of /b/, some want her to be a goddess. With giant waterfall tits. Well it is /b/, after all.
Image:Boxxy hacked.jpg|Boxxy=hacked. 4chan trolls lash out at Boxxy.
Image:Boxxy huge sign.jpg|And you were worried about Big Brother being everywhere?
Image:Boxxy bush obama discussion.jpg|Bush and Obama have a serious discussion about the Boxxy situation.
Image:Boxxy sniper target.jpg|BOOM! Headshot!
Image:Boxxy queen b.png|Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?
Image:Boxxy add.jpg|Now even our deaf visitors can understand what watching and listening to a Boxxy video feels like to some people.
Image:Boxxy big brother.jpg|Big Boxxy is watching you.
Image:Boxxy yo dawg.jpg|Yo, dawg. I heard you like Boxxy...
Image:I heard you like boxxy.jpg|... so we put your Boxxy in a Boxxy...
Image:Boxxy if you love post itt.jpg|The sign of a Boxxy love-in thread in progress. May get sticky.
Image:Boxxy is awesome proof.jpg|There is a certain resemblance...
Image:Boxxy and awesome face 2.jpg|Related?
Image:Boxxy and awesome face.jpg|Uncanny.
Image:Boxxy was so cash.jpg|Boxxy was SO cash.
Image:Boxxy v.jpg| V?
Image:Boxxy-annoying-camwhore.jpg|See? It could be worse. Urgh.
Image:Boxxy srsly.png|Srs business.
Image:Boxxy vs captain america.jpg|Captain America joins the struggle against Boxxy.
Image:Anon-rage-against-Boxxy.jpg|I think it is time to buy a dog, Boxxy.
Image:Cancer-and-the-cure-boxxy.jpg|The Boxxy cancer and the cure.
Image:Boxxy-queen-of-b.jpg|Queen Boxxy of /b/. "Needs more frills"
Image:Boxxy park.png|Considering South Park has already plundered the internet for memes to use as material before I'd say this is a very real possibility.
Image:Boxxy-meets-the-joker.jpg|Boxxy killed Heath Ledger. He took one for the team.
Image:Boxxy montage.jpg|Boxxy photo mosiac.
Image:Boxxy-comic-edit.jpg|Boxxy in B^U. It's still better than anything B^Uckley made.
Image:Boxxy its like beetles.jpg|Really? I was hoping it tasted like chicken.
Image:Boxxy please wait a minute.jpg|Please wait. Boxxy must ponder.
Image:Boxxy shoop da whoop.jpg|BOXXY IS CHARGIN HER LAZER
Image:Boxxy is only for fapping to.jpg|Women. Only good for one thing on the internet.
Image:Boxxy troll rolling.jpg|The juicest bait in town. Supereasymode trolling.
Image:Boxxy is fake.jpg|She has been accused of faking it as some kind of viral marketing or wannabe actor.
Image:Boxxy queen of di.jpg|Queen of /di/ instead. Trap? You wish.
Image:Boxxy wired mag.jpg|Queen of sage. Boxxy on the front cover. The sad thing is that this is becoming less and less of a joke. She's already been mentioned by two news outlets. Give it time. One day it will be like that.
Image:What Boxxy does to every /b/tard and Anonymous.
Image:Boxxy xbox.jpg|XBoxxy HUGE. Why do they call her XBoxxy 360? Because when you see a Boxxy thread you turn 360 and walk away. Kill me.
Image:The-Return-of-the-BOXXY.jpg|It is just as the prophecy told!
Image:4chan loves Boxxy.jpg|4Chan and Boxxy, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Aww, how cute.
Image:Ban boxxy.jpg
Image:Hateboxxy 4.jpg|Not a shoop
Image:Hateboxxy 8.jpg
Image:Ridinboxxy.jpg|Tryin' to catch me ridin' Boxxy...oh dear.
Image:Boxxy ebay.png|Boxxy merchandise sells on eBay.
Image:Cutexxy.jpg|Puppies know...
Image:Sad_Kitten.jpg|Kittens know...
Image:Joxxy.jpg|Even Heath Ledger knows...
Image:Boxxyreaction.jpg|...that this is how it goes.
Image:Boxxy_smooch_large_by_MyPocketsAreFull.gif|Boxxy smooch
Image:BoxxyOnBoxxy.png|Boxxy On a boxxy
Image:Boxxy_by_freddre.jpg|Blue eyed Boxxy
Image:BOXXY_KEYCHAIN_by_Yakkomia.jpg|Boxxy Keychain
Image:Boxxy_Pixel_Puzzle.jpg|Boxxy Pixel Puzzle
Image:Egg-Girl-50.jpg|Boxxy Egg Art
Image:BoxxyShirtGun.jpg‎|See not all Boxfags are pussies, too bad it's plastic though
Image:Boxxy_Strikes_Back.png‎|Boxxy strikes back
Image:Boxxy_Up_To_No_Good.png|She's got trouble on her mind
Image:BoxxyKeyboard.png|Boxxy watches you masturbate
Image:GambitBoxxy.jpg|Her power level's over 9,000.
Image:Boxxy_Messiah.jpg|And Boxxy sayeth "Let There Be Light". And ye, verily there was light.
Image:SANY0425.jpg|Boxxy 24/7
Image:Boxxy_angry.jpg‎|Angry yet cute
Image:YouIsTrollin.png|Trollin' and patrollin'
Image:KirbyAteBoxxy.jpg|Oh God, Kirby ate Boxxy
Image:Boxxyapprove.JPG|Boxxy lieks it!
Image:Boxxy300queen.png|Boxxy 300 movie quote
Image:BoxxyMGS_ne6h5x.png|MGS-Boxxy supposedly?
Image:BoxxyLeftForDead.jpg|Boxxy Left4Dead spraypaint
Image:BoxxyPixelArt.jpg|The Pixels tilt as Boxxy tilts
Image:Mine boksa.jpg|Pedo boxxy
Image:Thatfuckingboxxy.jpg|If I see that fucking Boxxy one more time!
Image:Anewboxxy.jpg‎ |just maybe.
Image:Crissyblock.jpg |"Keep it on me!"
Image:Sadbox.jpg |Emo Boxxy.
Image:Boxxy-millhouse.png|He's still trying.
Image:Boxxychair.jpg|Boxxy's RL firewall.
Image:Boxxy never.jpg | -_-
Image:Boxxyisrita.jpg|A furry version of boxxy?
Image:Boxxy2009.png|Boxxy, the 2009 remake
Image:Boxxy_Toast.jpg|The food of Angels
Image:Boxydidwtc.png|Boxxy did WTC
Image:boxxy Still alive.jpg|portal still alive
Image:Russian_Boxxy_Gai.jpg|Russian boxxyfag
Image:BoxxyJizzface.jpg|Typical Boxxy doing typical things, such as having her daily protein shake
Image:Crossdressing moot compared to Boxxy.png|The Perfect Girl for /b/tards looks like moot...
Image:Er.JPG|Boxxy features on shitty BBC tv drama
Image:BoxxyBangkock.gif| This is the reason why /b/tards and Anonymous hate Boxxy.
Image:1276710094746.jpg|Contrary to the <s>belief</s> fact that all /b/tards hate Boxxy, what they really want is to get her in bed for a night of passion
Image:Boxxyanonkill.jpg|Srsly,Epic Fail Guy didnt fail here.
Image:OperationV.jpg|Leave 4chan to me.
Image:OldChanBoxxy.jpg|This guy's legit
Image:Thatfuckingboxxy.jpg|If I see that fucking Box one more time!
Image:Ffruustration boxxy.jpg|Boxxy makes /b/ FFFffffffuuuuuu
Image:Danbirlem.jpg|Cool story bro.
Image:Boxxy so much better.jpg|WHAT HAS THE INTERNET DONE?!!


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