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" ♥ i n t e r n e t ♥ l o v e ♥ m a c h i n e ♥ "
- boxxychan's sub-title, displayed at the top of the board.

What it was

boxxychan.tk was one of the first websites entirely devoted to Boxxy. The site itself could be classed as a chan although you could only post text. The only images on the site were the thumbnail sized caps of Boxxy which accompanied each post. One of the Boxxy thumbnail caps was greyscale and boxxychanners sometimes posted "grey get". Acivity on boxxychan.tk was usually very slow, with only a few posts a day.

What happened to it

boxxychan.tk eventually became deserted after iheartboxxy.freeforums.org was founded and Unichan was discovered. After boxxychan lost it's .tk domain name due to inactivity, the site was spammed with advertising links by bots, rendering the site completely unusable.