George's alias displayed in the CBCR video

anon77, real name George Edwards, was a CBCR member who, along with the rest of the CBCR, hacked many of Boxxy's accounts in January 2009 including her myspace. He continued to harass Boxxy in various ways until October 2010 where his dox were posted by Forby and Rc, since then he seems to have left the Boxxy scene but most people agree that he is still lurking secretly. He still has control over some of Boxxy's old emails and accounts to this day.


George also used the alias "Conjopi", which he used while he went on a false DMCA spree for much of 2010. He took down many videos and channels by sending fake copy-right infringement emails or false reports of videos and channels breaking the YouTube terms of service.

His Youtube-Support forum posts are available here.


Shortly after Forby left the Boxxy scene in April 2010, a new character started posting on unichan and frequenting the tinychat under the name "F0rby". The new f0rby made it no secret that he stalked Boxxy to disturbing levels and posted various personal information about her, supposedly even posting her birth records in the tinychat. f0rby also openly showed he had pedophile tendencies many times including broadcasting "child model" images on webcam. George used his f0rby alias in the tinychat continually from April 2010 until his dox was posted.


In October 2010, a thread with anon77's full name, net aliases, emails and parent's names, address and phone numbers was posted by Forby and Rc on unichan. This resulted in a drawn out 2 threads where anon77 tried in vain to defend his actions. During the first thread one of anon77's cousins was contacted by Forby, the cousin showed little concern to the unichan thread (even though there were death threats against anon77 in it) and called anon77 an "internet dork".

A mirror of most of the videos he uploaded on his various Youtube channels is available here.