Putting the message out

The idea originated on Unichan in a post detailing the basic idea of doing something for Boxxy on Valentine's day, which progressed into the idea of making a video with lots of boxxyfans holding signs or something along those lines with 'Thank You' messages to Boxxy and apologetic messages to Catie. This post was made on Janurary 25th by a (at the time) relatively new fandom member, Alex. The idea was met with widespread positive reaction and praise from fellow boxxyfans, which was a big difference from the type of stuff that is usually on Unichan. By the time the finished product was released on February 14th, two large threads on Unichan and an 18 page thread on iloveboxxy.net were up with discussion and ideas.

Collecting in pictures

Once the plan had been set for a Valentine's video, a deadline was set for the 12th of February for the sending in of pictures to Alex. Many pictures and input was sent in by the looks of the end result. A few slowpokes posted a response, or bawwwed that they didn't get in.

The End Result

The Aftermath/Response

There has been no response from Boxxy or even confirmation that she has seen it, we will just have to hope she has. Therefore the only aftermath seen was the reaction of boxxyfans to the video, if Boxxy was one of these who watched and commented in the thread about it well, i guess we'll never know.

Update: Boxxy said on her formspring she has seen the valentines video, and she happily approved of it.


About a month before Valentine's Day, a user on Unichan proposed making a second Valentine's Day video. He also proposed donating money to buy Catie a gift. People agreed and things were put into motion. Elro (also known as LemmingBox on YouTube) was put in charge of creating the video and all donations were sent to PayPal.

A week before Valentine's Day, Unichan had managed to pull together a total of $397.95 USD in donations. $237.95 was directly sent to Catie's PayPal and the other $160.00 was spent on a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag (she wanted one) and a necklace from Betsey Johnson.

On February 14th, 2011, Elro posted the finished Valentine's video (shown below) on YouTube and Unichan. The video was well received, but some were unimpressed by the lack of creativity in some of the submissions that were sent in.

March 09, 2011 :
Boxxmom states she's received the gifts.
external image UzGUd.png

March 21, 2011:
Catie states she's received the gifts.