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Simple definition: Unichan.org is an anonymous imageboard site similar to that of 4chan and others. The difference is Unichan only has 1 board, and it's completely dedicated to Boxxy.

Early Unichan

Old Unichan thread. (Click to enlarge)
Old Unichan thread. (Click to enlarge)

Unichan.info was first created by Chaz, aka chuckstudios. He made it as a sort of school project, and for his friends to mess with. Not much happened on non-Boxxy Unichan and the site soon became deserted with it having no new posts in over a month. Around late June, a link to Unichan was posted by an anon on the boxxychan.tk board with the text "spam this board with ". A few Boxxyfans posted a couple of Boxxy threads and Boxxy combos on Unichan and then left. Soon after, a boxxychan.tk user, decided that because Unichan was deserted and was a much better website than boxxychan.tk, to repost the link to Unichan on boxxychan.tk with the suggestion "why don't we move in here?". The Boxxychan.tk users quickly made Unichan the complete replacement for their old site. Links to the new "oasis of Boxxy" were posted on 4chan /b/ by the new Unichanners, and it wasn't long before Unichan was flooded with Boxxy and became one of the biggest and most important Boxxy sites

Origin of the name "Unichan"


Chaz returns

After a few weeks of many Boxxy threads and activity, Chaz, who had no knowledge of what had happened in his absense, decided to check up on his school project. Chaz was suprised and confused that his site was "home to over 9000 boxxyfags". However, chaz didn't much mind this. In fact he embraced and enjoyed the activity on his board. But unichan was merely getting started. Soon it would meet it's first nuisance; Killwebs.

Taken Down

Well into the Summer of 2009, Killwebs decided he wanted to try and take down Boxxy websites in what he called "Operation Counter-strike". Unichan was the first target and Killwebs took unichan down for a few hours late in the night by a DDoS attack. Chaz later upgraded the server, and killwebs never tried to attack it again.

Unichan just before the attack (click for full image).

Unichan.info stayed online several weeks after iheartboxxy and BoxxyForums closed until it's host screwed up and lost the server. There were no backups and Chaz didn't care about it anymore and decided to not remake his site.


Near the end of 2009, after a month or so with no Unichan, links to a new Unichan: Unichan.org, were posted on /b/ and ilb. Chaz has nothing to do with the new site and the current owner has chosen to remain out of the spotlight.

Today Unichan is more active than ever, with little to no place else to go, many fans manifest there. Most of this has to do with the falling of the main two Boxxy forums and the current state of iloveboxxy.net, but that will be explained in another article.


With the influx of users after The Return of boxxy, or Catie as the name she uses on unichan, there were some domain problems(?) and the main domain changed to unichan2.org. Because the admin chooses to remain silent about this, users can only speculate to what is happening behind the curtain of Unichan. This of course leads to plenty of conspiracy theorists salivating over possibilities. Other changes were made as well, like the (NEWS SOON) sign on top of the site changed to "bookmark @unichanstatus" for more unknown reasons. Since Catie chose to return on Unichan there had been many anonymous users celebrating their self-proclaimed victory over the non-anonymous users. That was until Catie said herself she enjoys people who use tripcodes and names, so she knows who she is talking to. This of course led to an uprising of tripcode users. Since unichan just started these talks with Catie not much more than a month ago information is always changing, but one thing Catie says is for certain. She's here to stay.

Anything else Unichan's done?

  • Helped with the Valentine's Video with several large threads about it
  • Was a battling ground several times for Killwebs (ew)
  • Known for being the place where most of the new pictures are posted due to it's anonymity