The Rules of the Boxxysphere

These are the super-serious, totally accurate, and totally-not-a-joke official rules of the Sphere, as seen in a thread on Catie's website.
The rules have always technically been in effect, and are frequently cited across all Sphere branches. Every Spherian, if they don't want to be, like, a total newfag, should learn and practice these helpful rules. They help keep us safe. so enjoy, read, and obey!

Feel free to submit your own ideas, but I'll have to personally approve them before they can be added to the list. :3

1. Nobody ever leaves the Boxxysphere.
2. Nobody EVER leaves the Boxxysphere.
3. Catie is always the Queen.
4. Your question has already been answered on Catie’s Formspring. No exceptions.
5. It’s spelled “Boxxysphere” with a “Y” NOT “Boxxosphere” with an “O”.
6. No matter what it is, Masonprof has it somewhere in his archive.
7. The above includes content that does not exist yet, as well as content that will never exist.
8. Every bad thing that happens is Boxxyfan’s fault.
9. Failing that, it’s Big Kebab’s fault.
10. For fucks sake, stop guilt-tripping and saying that Catie doesn’t want to do a meetup. She said that she does.
11. Your carefully-created Minecraft server will not last and will be forgotten.
12. If someone can have a breakdown, they will have a breakdown.
13. Catherin Gomez is dead.
14. There will always be more shitstorms worse than what just happened.
15. There is no Princess of the Sphere.
16. Rainbows and Unicorns.
17. The wiki always needs updating. No exceptions.
18. Someone, somewhere, already has your dox.
19. Don’t steal the orange juice. Just don’t.
20. On average, “Soonish” equals approximately one-hundred days.
21. Shrimp will never, ever be relevant.
22. You can and will be identified based on your typing style alone.
23. IHeartRandom is still part of the Sphere.
24. You cannot keep a secret here. Everything will be publicly revealed eventually.
25. You don’t always need to ask Catie questions in her threads. Just talk to her like a normal person.
26. The dog was rescued from the ice flow and returned safely to his owners.
27. Nobody knows what Uzu was talking about.
28. There are still active councils. Don’t be fooled.
29. The forum is not as important, historically, as the chan, even if it is more active in the present day.
30. Any thread can become a Soupnony thread at any time.
31. #mxz)!)rF
32. Every Anon is GmasterRED unless proven otherwise.
33. Most of the namefags are GmasterRED too.
34. There is never enough Sphere fanfiction. Write more.
35. British people are all criminally insane.
36. Fluttershy is best pony.
37. Tigab, Jen, and Connor will always be twelve, even when they’re in their thirties.
38. Spambots are valued friends and community members. Do not fear them.
39. If given enough time to escalate, every conflict will end with someone being raped in Alaska.
40. Every video Catie makes is excellent, except for the one about the car mirrors.
41. At some point, you will be tricked into helping Eyrev. This is inevitable.
42. There will never be an end to the June threads. Even after she's married and has kids.
43. Messenger’s art really wasn’t that good. He just did a lot of it, is all.
44. Tinychat camwhores do not count as Sphere girls.
45. Skype was better when people talked on mic. It began to fail when the use of text increased.
46. There are no real rules about moderation. Anything and everything is subjective.
47. Caleb isn’t a person. Caleb is a state of mind.
48. It’s okay to love. :3
49. Unichan isn't a shitty site just because 99% of everything there is shit. The 1% makes up for it.
50. You cannot overcome the drama. There will always be more in the future.
51. Drama will never kill the Sphere. The Sphere will live on.