The CCC, aka Catie's Comeback Council, aka tinychat council

The CCC council with special guest Liz Lee
The CCC council with special guest Liz Lee


The CCC (Catie Comeback Council) was a group founded by elemefayo, who is otherwise known as Fayo, in late December (?) of 2010 soon after Catie's return to the internet. The council consisted of nine members - RC, ilb/breezy, Intrepid, mkm, Messenger, Jake Fogelnest*, Liz Lee*, Fayo, and Catie. The CCC's objective was to help Catie return to her boxxybabee YouTube account, which it succeeded in doing on June 29, 2011 with the help of Jake Fogelnest and a Representative of YouTube Partners.
*Jake Fogelnest and Liz Lee were only invited to the Tinychat a few times, as a special occasion.

Fayo first made a tinychat to which Catie would then join moments later (luckily for him). The Tinychat was public, and a lot of fans swarmed in to talk to her. It started with around 30 people, then skyrocketed to over 70. This was a lot for tinychat, and made it troublesome to talk with Catie, so Fayo came up with the idea to create a new tinychat for just him, his friends, and Catie herself. He chose RC to help him with this.

What did they do?

This group chatted with Catie in the tinychat for days, weeks, even months. All in total secrecy. They were sworn to secrecy, in fact, by Catie herself. Why so secret? Because they knew that if fans found out about Catie spending her time in there they would be outraged, (and they are). They would be especially mad because at the time Catie had been telling people she was very busy and it couldn't be helped. Meanwhile, she was on her webcam with the CCC and a select few special people.
They also spent time planning things in secret, like the creation of and large gifts for Catie.

Logging and Hoarding

Very thorough logs were kept, as well as pictures and videos, of the CCC happenings. These documents were hoarded for nearly a year until RC finally released most of what he had to the community on December 12th. Some logs and little bits of information are still being released very slowly when RC sees fit. The other CCC members refuse to discuss the CCC and will probably never release all of the logs and videos they have.