Boxxy stalkers

During Boxxy's near 2 year long absence, many people tried to intrude on her personal life and dig up information and pictures. The majority of these people frequented Unichan and 4chan /b/, although some of the more hardcore stalkers were forum goers too (e.g: iheartboxxy's council). There have also been accounts of people stalking her IRL, e.g: Boxxpeace. Stalkers either didn't care or didn't accept Boxxy's wishes to be left alone, and the definition for stalking was rarely taken seriously by them.

Known "Stalkers"

Other than the numerous anonymous stalkers, there have been some infamous stalkers with net-identities. Here are some:
  1. Caleb - Went to the same highschool as Boxxy, but in a different wing of the school for special need kids. Quite obsessed with boxxy, and posted a lot on Unichan, and sometimes dragged his friends on there. Now that Catie is in college, Caleb seems to have left the Boxxy scene.
  2. Shamage - Quite a creepy character, although his dox were never dropped he has been threatened on 2 occasions because of his cyberstalking of Cate, but refuses to give up. He harassed Boxxy for many months after he obtained her number. However Shamage seems to have left the Boxxy scene completely now.
  3. CBCR - Kind of an obvious one, and likely the most organised group of stalkers there's been. A group dedicated to finding out as much personal information on Boxxy as possible in order to scare her away from the internet for good. Once they released/leaked her dox thousands of anons began following in their footsteps. If anyone is to blame for much of the stalking today, it's them. Virtually all of the CBCR left the Boxxy scene shortly after the dox leaking mess, with only eyrev sticking around to later found the OSBE, and Anon77 who went rogue and continued to harass Catie online until his dox was posted in October 2010 by Forby and Rc.
  4. Killwebs - Stalked Niki heavily, even after he released her dox he still stalked her. Also trolled at times by saying he'd cyberstalked Cate and gotten her phone number and address, which was not true. Killwebs was doxed by 888chan in late October 2009 and never returned to harassing Catie or her friends again, but continued to attack Boxxyfans.

The Stalker Fag mentality:

  1. Find a picture or information.
  2. Hint to knowing it by posting snippets of whole set.
  3. Wait to see if anyone else knows of the info.
  4. If they do, FUUUU, don't feel special anymore.
    4.b Else, touch self in satisfaction over having special info.
  5. Eventually get bored and give out special info for e-fame.