Pocky is Boxxy's best friend or to the best of our knowledge is, she tries to stay out of this by ignoring private messages to her still active gaia account. But being Boxxy's best friend she can't help but be slightly involved, more recently with threads on Unichan about her which were, for the most part, not with a negative opinion of Pocky.

How We Know This

Pocky has a gaia account which was used in conjuction with Boxxy's a lot, journal entries about each other, comments and much more. All of this giving us a larger insight into both Boxxy's and Pocky's life, they also made a website together about two characters Jankotsu and Bankotsu from the anime series Inuyasha. On this site they used the names Sango and Kikyo, Boxxy being Sango and Pocky being Kikyo, these two names were also the names of two characters from the anime series Inuyasha. This website however did not have much input from either of the girls from around April 2006 meaning they were rather young when working on this website.

Recent Events

Pocky now occasionally posts on Unichan with a tripcode !!AxL2Z3LmH2 and Catiechan with !pocky..