"".the organization for the suppression of related-boxxy events (osbe) is looking for new members
.the goal of osbe is to kill the boxxy meme that has been spreading across the internet .
thankfully ,it has died down for the most part ,but we need new recruits for future events that may need to be controlled

.the group is led by eyrev ,founder and leader of the former cbcr

.osbe suppresses those who wish to propagate the meme by contacting them and explaining why they should stop talking about boxxy .so far, we have had a hundred-one percent success rate ,as everyone we have spoken to has agreed to stop mentioning her
.this includes 2 people who go to school with boxxy and started posting youtube videos about her ,the owner of the boxxy story blog ,the owner of the obsession. xenu. cz website and a few others

if you are interested ,please connect to



we eagerly await your arrival.""

- The OSBE recruitment text.

What is it?

"I think people like to say OSBE cause it makes them sound cool. It must be the acronym. Sort of like VIP. What the OSBE did was e-mail forums and websites, and report the CBCR dox as harassment in order to get them removed. Makes you sound cool and bad ass alright like a janitor that cleans up someone else's spill." - Pat

The OSBE was a group made around early February 2009 by a guilt ridden eyrev in an attempt to clean up a mess his CBCR hater group greatly helped create. The goal was to get everyone to stop talking about Boxxy, including her friends. It's debatable whether the OSBE was really a hater group (even though it seemed to portray itself as such in it's recruitment text), since at the time while Boxxy was being cyber-stalked due to the huge interest of the internet including the haters at 4chan /b/, the logical thing to do was not to talk about her and not to give out info about her, which is what a few of her friends were doing for e-fame (e.g: kiracrayola, supposedly someone who the OSBE silenced).

Links to old pages of OSBE recruiting attempts:

- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MCLE/announcements/detail/54179515127510041
- http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3078526

Where is it now?

The OSBE no longer exists, it's said to have only lasted a few months before disbanding. Its full membership is still unknown, other than the only confirmed members: Eyrev and Pat. Some more imaginative Boxxyfans speculate that the OSBE still exists and can accuse other fans of being in the group to justify hate towards those other fans.