Niki was the first person who knows Boxxy IRL to come to the community as a whole, she knew about Boxxy and had some idea of what she had been through yet she joined in anyway.

How Niki Got Involved

It all started when she uploaded a video of Boxxy dancing to the thriller dance for the school performance, The Princess and the Porcupine. At this point she somehow found the video put up by Boxxyreturns on youtube and commented on it, saying that the other people were not infact faggots, something that the title of the video disagrees with. The owner of this youtube channel who has come to be known as Addmin as he was the Admin of the Boxxy Forums then began talking to Niki and eventually she registered on the forum. As you can imagine many people were ecstatic that someone who knew Boxxy had come directly to the forums, she then proceeded to be bombarded with questions and of course many private messages.

What Happened Next?

Soon enough Niki had fully joined the community and was telling stories about Boxxy and defending her against some of the less tasteful comments posted by people. She would post regularly on the Boxxy Forums and come into the tinychat, most of the time going on camera and talking freely to the occupants of the tinychat. Eventually some people got close to her and gained her trust, one being Cali4nia, the leader of Killwebs. Niki also got quite close with Eyrev and his group until it was pointed out who Eyrev actually was and what he had done, the other people that she trusted would be Addmin and Randomroller.

Niki and The Phonecall

On October 1st, 2009, Niki called Boxxy to explain what had been going on and to ask her if there was anything Niki could do to help her, now that she was a part of the community and held some leverage over it. In this phonecall it is said that Boxxy said that if Niki could close down the forums and Unichan that it would help this thing go away. A clip of this phonecall has been released and is embedded below. The next day a meeting was held with all the admins of the forums and imageboards relating to Boxxy on Skype, Athynkronos (one of the admins from iheartboxxy) was not in this meeting but the other admin Overbeing was, also Killwebs was in this meeting and was holding it. Chaz (owner of, Addmin (admin of the Boxxy Forums) and Niki were also in this meeting. Killwebs recorded the entire thing, not without hanging up the call every 15 minutes because he had the trial version of Pamela.

The Shutdown

The conclusion of this meeting was that all the forums and unichan should be closed and left, to help Boxxy. Not without doubt though, a few admins were unsure that this call ever happened and hesitated to close down their forums since no proof was given by Niki or Boxxy that this ever happened. Even with this doubt, the forums and unichan were closed down, for Boxxy. Immediately following this, two new Boxxy forums were started, one being The other forumthat was started didn't last and soon all the Boxxyfans who for various reasons either rejected or didn't care about Niki's word congregated at Unichan too returned a couple days after the forums went down and the "Boxxy Scene" went on, albeit with a less easily accepting userbase.

Niki and Killwebs

It became apparent that Killwebs and Niki had gotten rather close when she began spending more time in the Killwebs tinychat than the Boxxy Forums one. During this time Killwebs had been looking up Niki's information and eventually resulting in the finding of her phone number which started the private calls between Killwebs and herself. Niki talked about Boxxy to Killwebs and eventually gave him a link to unleaked pictures of her in lays which have now been leaked. At this point Niki trusted Killwebs a lot and would continue talking to him as a friend, slipping in personal information about herself and Boxxy, here and there while Niki having no idea that this would be used against her. After Killwebs had collected enough information and recordings to be able to harm Niki, he betrayed her trust and made a video consisting of all this information to get her off the Internet. After this video Niki was not seen by the public eye of the community again.