Notable Namefags From the Community

Special Mention

Catie (Boxxy) - A very special person. She’s best known online for her videos where she portrays the bubbly, hyperactive girl known as Boxxy. She also makes vlogs as herself- usually weekly on Fridays- and interacts with her many fans on sites throughout the “Boxxysphere.”

Boxxmom – Lisa Wayne; also known as Catie’s mom. She became active on Boxxy-related sites in the months following Catie’s return to the internet. She has accounts on several other sites; where she continues to watch over and protect her daughter. Many consider her a controversial figure.

Ellie - Catie's younger sister. She interacts cautiously with Catie's fans online, and has recently begun appearing in some of Catie's videos.

Matt - Old drama class friend of Boxxy. He's no longer relevant, but was discussed frequently back before Catie returned. He has never interacted with the Sphere, as he believes we are all "weirdos."

Priyanka - AKA Pocky. Catie's best friend, whom she has known since childhood. It is said that when one adds a Pocky with a Boxxy, the end result is love. See page: Pocky.

Generation 1 [April – July 2009]

Addmin - Admin of Boxxy Forums in 2009, before it closed. One of the oldest fans still active to some degree, although his level of activity has decreased drastically in recent months. (Youtube here)

Anon77- The Boxxysphere’s most notorious antagonist for 2009 and much of 2010.
He is the one who actually “hacked” Catie’s YouTube account in January 2009; and spent a large portion of the following years tormenting Catie’s fans. He was finally doxxed and defeated mere weeks preceding Catie’s return. See page: anon77

Athyn (AthynKronos) - Admin of iheartboxxy. Currently largely inactive, but he can be found on IHR from time to time.

Brandon - Claimed he was the Brandon mentioned in Foar Everywun. Posted proof via PMs sent to boxxybabee before the video was created. Posts on most sites.

Boxxychan - Former admin of Unichan,. Shrouded in secrecy.

Captain Hammer - IHB person who now posts at IHR.

Chocolateboxxy - Also known as Choco. A comedic Welsh Boxxy fan who loves the color purple. He is actually the oldest of all the oldfags in the community, having been a fan of Catie since the days of He is rarely around anymore, but can sometimes be found with many other oldfags at IHR

Ejm - Previous owner of the biggest Boxxy troll myspace "heartpocky"; out of the Boxxy scene now. Along with a few other ex-iheart members, runs the non-Boxxy forum "iheartrandom".

Eyrev (Verye) - More recently known as Verye. He was the founder and leader of the CBCR – the “organization” that drove Catie into hiding. However, he regretted his actions, and spent the next two years trying to clean up his mess. Following Catie’s return, he managed to publically (and dramatically) redeem himself several times. - See page: Eyrev

Forby (boxxy4ever) - Previously an admin of iloveboxxy and briefly one for Boxxy Forums. Became disillusioned with Catie after the return, like many other oldfags. However, he is one of the few 2009 namefags to still be largely active today. Crossdressed frequently on tinychat. Has a YouTube, Formspring, and Twitter.

Math Guy - Statistical expert who likes to monitor Boxxy's fame in terms of video view counts and number of fan-videos uploaded etc. Has since written a mathematical statistics book containing a chapter related to Boxxy's fame. The book has yet to be officially published. Can be found with many other oldfags at IHR.

Overbeing - Admin of iheartboxxy and fan-artist - the creator of the vastly popular "mspaintboxxy" comics. Currently inactive in the Boxxy scene, except for the occasional Anonymous post, he can be found as Electric Soldier Porygon on IHR.

Pat - Old OSBE person, doxed shamage and a few other stalkers in mid 2009. Inactive since 2010.

Fourteen (RandomRoller) - Catie called him a naughty word when discussing people in the Niki call. Over a year later shortly after Catie's return, she apologized to RandomRoller in a crowded Boxxy Tinychat.

SuperKitty - Artistic female namefag, who was a moderator on IHB. She posted on several sites, but has disappeared again. Allegedly the first female Spherian.

Tang (Nestor) - Long time Brazilian poster on forums. (Youtube here). Has been active since near the very beginning of the Boxxysphere and is active to this day. He has something of an obsession with the Korean model Kim In Ae.

Generation 1.5
boxxyforums/unichan [July – November 2009]

Acolyte - Creator of the "Church of Boxxy." He is best known for his zany posts, and for being near-completely crazy. For some reason, he left the scene out of disappointment following Catie’s return. True to form, however, he went out in style amidst a flurry of suicide rumors.

Ben - A musically hip and talented Boxxy fan who created a few pieces relating to her. Along with >.nimrod, Spunch, and bracketsy, he was one of the kings of the Lunchboxx in the early days of ILB.

Crissa (Mini-Boxxy) - A younger teenage female Boxxyfan who posted pictures of herself on Unichan and frequented the Tinychat in mid 2010. Remained hidden after Unichanners started calling her the "Princess of Unichan".

Intrepid - Controversial admin of iloveboxxy and CatieChan. Has made several rules and decisions that have been and currently are unpopular.

Heyguise - Brazilian fan that tends to be depressed. Can still be found at BoxxyForever and IHR.

Kelly - Mysterious possible troll, the search for whose identity and motives has sparked endless shitstorms. Is known for impersonating Catie back in 2010, posting merry stories about pirates, and for their typing speed. Is best friends with Mau5. Supposedly banned in 2014, but has been sighted since.

Morphen - Fan from back in the day who loves house music. Lurked Unichan and ILB but posted regularly right after Catie returned. Seems to have vanished since.

Normy (Normiris) - A female Boxxyfan best known for her fan-art, viewable here. Was made a moderator on ILB for reasons that are not entirely clear. She has since left almost entirely.

Proper - A musically hip fan who helped the Boxxy community branch out into more general discussion in addition Boxxy talk.

Unhallowed - An oldfag who joined the community around the time of Boxxpeace, Unhallowed has maintained a presence in the community ever since, though it's often low-profile.

Generation 2
iloveboxxy/unichan [December 2009 – April 2010]

Alex - Organizer of the first Valentine's Video; also an ex-moderator on Currently co-admin at Boxxy Forever. Has created a number of fanart pieces, and community projects and games.

Bracketsy (i<3[]e) - Fan of Oscar Wilde and Boxxy. No longer active in the Boxxy scene. Can be found with many other oldfags at IHR.

C00LGUY - Known as "Caleb's biggest fan". Started posting at the beginning of 2010. Some people have suspected him for being Caleb cause of his similar personality, close contact with Caleb, and how he liked to troll Cecil. Left the Sphere after pairing up with SilentHillUltra.

Caleb - Teenage Stalker from Cate's highschool. He came to the sphere promising to record one of Caties plays. He failed but stayed in the sphere attention whoring and trolling.

Feyvern - One of the original and biggest voices against Intrepid's new rules on ILB. Left for a long period, but has been seen recently as mr hands on IHR.

>.nimrod - Another longtime Brazilian fan who also posts a bunch. Went as far as having his postcount reset on ILB because it was so high.

RC (rcoastee) - Ex-mod on and CatieChan. A perennially controversial person, RC has been at the epicenter of more shitstorms than any other Spherian, besides Catie herself. Despite his constant failures and mistakes, his superiority complex appears to be indestructible. Source of the December 12th leakings. Has allegedly "left the community for good," although in reality his posting rate is barely reduced.

Rush - Ex-mod on that mysterious disappeared the day Catie returned. Three years later, and he hasn't been seen since, save for one night where he reappeared and posted like nothing happened, before vanishing again. Very mysterious indeed.

Sam (Derpy Hooves) - A Boxxy fan who loves to debate and tell you exactly why you are wrong. Still active to an extent on ILB, IHR and BoxxyForever.

Sillent - Spanish Boxxyfan who translated all the videos from English to Spanish. Currently posts sporadically on ILB.

Spunch - Artistic fan who has produced amazing OC. Cycles between posting a lot for a few months then disappearing for half a year.

Generation 2.5
ILB/Uni summerfags [May – November 2010 (1)]

CaptainHOOK - Attention whore who went to the same high school as Catie but never actually talked to her. He lied a lot and had a tendency to give people false information.

Cecil - Constantly drugged out 30 something year old tinychat creep from Southern California. Due to his drug-addled mind, he can be unintentionally funny occasionally. He is plagued by a phantom army of Calebs who constantly bedevil his every waking moment.

Connor - Younger fan from Scotland. Fan artist that makes videos. Occasionally makes odd comics called CatieChan Adventures.

Fayo (Elemefayo) - Founder of the CCC, or "Catie Comeback Council." Did not use the name 'Fayo' until after Catie's return. A genuinely nice person, despite the amount of controversy he has caused.

Leifr - Posted as anon but was always on TC. Known as eccentric and unpredictable, and was often on cam. Now inactive.

Peter - Tinychat camgirl known for her artistic talent. Numerous stalkers and worshipers caused her to leave the Sphere, although she still appears occasionally.

Generation 3
Novemberfags [November 2010 (2) – March 2011]

Boxxyfan - The primary antagonist of the Sphere for much of 2011. Apparently a former fan, Boxxyfan believed that Catie's return had "ruined" Boxxy, and thus he attempted to bring back the mystique by ruining her life. He hacked multiple accounts belonging to Catie and her friends, almost stole money from her Paypal, and installed a RAT on her computer before finally giving up and leaving because of boredom. CatieChan was originally concieved as a honeypot trap meant to catch him.

Christopher - A moderator in ILB. He is most known for winning the Inuyasha bag auction.

GmasterRED - Motorcycle helmet-wearing fan who claims to be from 2009 but only started name-fagging in November 2010. Originally was a troll, but changed his ways. Posted very frequently, and played a large role in the LIAT wars. Disappeared for months but has now returned. Is dating June.

Jelly (UhSoJelly) - aka Martin. A sardonic and opinionated fan who once claimed to be deaf, and then had to keep up the lie for over a year because people believed him. Frequently posts pictures of the SuicideGirl Porphyira. Created lots of Boxxy art in the form of gifs and screencaps. Left the community on 8th/9th November after Porphy revealed his name and pictures after an argument. Very ironic indeed. However, Jelly has since returned, and he and Porphy are once again friends. Has a Twitter.

Jen (formerly Catiephobia) - Youngest female Spherian who formerly moderated at ILB. Is Asian. She is currently inactive in the scene and resides at IHR as fawn.

Jezza - A talented programmer who helped out with coding the TFC webpages/challenge, BoxxyForever's chan, and many other projects. Currently a chan admin and forum moderator on BoxxyForever.

Jiu2 - A calm and competent long-time fan, he is never found without his trusty Sea Turtle avatar. Despite keeping a fairly low profile in the Sphere, Jiu2 is also considered one of the most effective moderators on ILB today.

June - Channer and Youtuber, June joined the Boxxy scene with a video of her lip syncing to FOAR EVERYWUN. She also played a part in the LifeInATent war. Makes videos and songs based off the Boxxy scene.

Kansas (Kansas/SJ94) - Goes by Kelsey Brown. Known for having a largely calm and collected demeanor even when debating. Has a slight preoccupation for Forby. Has been largely inactive recently.

Le Comte 'S' (Sali/Indigo Mars) - An easy-going and well-liked Boxxyfan. Known for his numerous name switches and running of the popular Mafia Games found on ILB and BoxxyForever.

Masonprof - A highly intelligent and quite resourceful Novemberfag who archives and records practically everything. Respected as one of the most logical and trustworthy member of the Boxxysphere. Currently a chan moderator and forum admin at BoxxyForever.

Mau5 (Anonimau5) - Genuine, nice member of the community. Has love and adoration for Catie. Caused controversy by quirky typing style and being transgendered but is respected by the community for the most part. Is best friends with Kelly.

Nexx - A mentally ill German kid who came to the Sphere suffering from paranoid delusions about Catie. After being ignored by Uninites and trolled by Boxxyfan, he snapped and attempted suicide live on webcam. The tragic-yet-memetic incident resulted in the involvement of the authorities and subsequent incarceration for Nexx. Always recognized by his insanely paranoid posts.

Porphyria - a model for Suicide Girls but also an avid Boxxy fan to boot. Porphyria was first introduced to the community through UhSoJelly, who posted her pictures as much as Boxxy fans posted Boxxy pictures. Jelly intertwined the Boxxosphere community with hers and vice versa. This eventually led Porphyria to post on Catie's Chan with the 'Ohai!BPorphYRIA' name and trip. She has a Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, YouTube, Tumblr, and SG account.

Shrimp - Self-proclaimed oldfag. His presence became known at first after donning the rather unwieldy name "The Bayonet-Brine Shrimp", but he later decided to shorten it to "The Shrimp". He is mostly known for his over reactive style of posting and excessive use of bb code. He is also the creator of BoxxyQuest, an RPG based on the Sphere.

Tigab37 - A fan who wrote a couple of piano pieces for Catie. Self proclaimed 'ex-fan' of Catie, but still fairly active.

TheguyfromN.I. - A Nicaraguan North Icelandic Northern Irish user known for his very snarky, sarcastic posts, his love of potatoes, and for his constant gambits to gain vast amounts of Relevance Points. Catie made a video for him when she forgot about singled out his gift during a series of birthday videos.

Generation 4
Catiechan/Catiewayneforum - active
[March 2011 – December 2011]

Annie - Largely a lurker, Annie is an Australian whose endearing personality and peace-making tendencies have helped her become respected in the community. Has disappeared.

Benjamin Kane - A French fan who makes entertaining videos on a semi-regular basis, which can be found here.

Boris - A fashion-obsessed French Boxxy fan who sucked up to Catie and constantly made romantic moves on her; when he was finally firmly rejected he became anti-Catie. He now pretends to be the Admin of Unichan, although nobody believes him.

Big Kebab - Australian fan who once was intensely disliked for his overdramatic style and shitstorm-causing tendencies. Has mellowed out a great deal. Still a colossal faggot.

Commodore64 (C64) - A fan who posted on most sites and was always fun to be around. Suffered some sort of breakdown after the March 2013 hacking and left the Sphere in a rather - ahem - dramatic way.

Doubledave - Owner of the news blog, and a producer of numerous Boxxy music videos. In 2013 he unveiled his latest creation: the CatieChat IRC Network!

JaKalibur - A forumfriend known for his excited posts and for his absolute obsession with the anime Soul Eater. He is the creator of the Boxxy platform game "Boxxy's Mooninite Adventure."

Jwagzz - Known for his spamming of /m/isc and his random YouTube videos. He has 'left' the scene too (1) many (2) times (3) to count.

Kitten - A fan who is known for being exceptionally sweet and nice to everybody. Is now inactive.

Scott (Ttocsn) - A resourceful and artistic member of the scene who first appeared in the summer of 2011. He and Alex co-founded BoxxyForever.

Sillenthillultra - Was in the midst of a controversy when Catie's autographs remained unsent after months of waiting. A talented artist, she had her work put up on the header of CatieChan. Used to post daily 1 hour Vlogs. She left the Sphere after getting into a relationship with C00lguy.

SF4Life13 - A fan who hangs out with Brandon, Annie, and others from that crowd. Scott Pilgrim fan.

Solid Snake - A fan who chills on the official forum, is known for posting family guy clips as reaction responses to other posters. Not to be confused with solidsnake42, a TC regular.

Zeitgei5t - Creator of the very popular, albeit temporary, CatieCraft Minecraft server in 2011. Is largely inactive today.

ZerotheGhost - A forumfriend who has been known for her old art contributions, and for often arguing incessantly among 'the smartest of the forum'. She and Ellie/Mau5 share a
'cutesie gaiaonline kid typing style', and is also undeniably adorable as munchkin kittens.

Generation 5 (Newfags)
Current [January 2012 - Forever]

(Under Construction. Need to do more research into these people and their strange ways. D:)

Chewie - British fan who appeared in 2013. Is known for his vast knowledge and love of the Star Wars series. Has a let's play channel

Hydra/Hydrart - Incredibly talented fan-artist who also works as a professional animator. Is known for being sensible, as well as his caricaturized drawings of Catie.

Remixed - AKA Sky Rider, AKA Vinny. Became a Forum mod very shortly after joining the site. Frequently invisible, and sometimes appears inactive, but is always around.

Shaiban - A witty forum user living in Dubai, and the reigning king of shitposting. Has multiple active accounts with which to better shitpost.

Sniper_47 - Also known as Yuri_Nakamura. Likes games, androids, and roleplay. He created the wildly popular "Android Alliance" Forum usergroup.

Wambamboezel - A member who is known for causing shitstorms with just his bare opinions. Although it is confirmed to be just shitposting, he managed to stir up the forum multiple times, however his cool fan art and close online-friendship with Catie herself made up for most his misdeeds. Unactive since end 2014, still responds to pms sometimes.

steurun - A nigh-omnipresent fan who can be found most often at the Forum and in the associated Tinychat. He is known for his love of music, his very high post count, and his use of Morrissey avatars and reaction images.

Honorable Mentions

Random People with little information in no order
bucket, ceevee, Reckless., raptop, v00ider, machinista, eXperienceHC, AnonQcXxX64 and SonicxSauske, BawksyLuvv, fandango, IxCOLDxZEROxI, MoldyCoffeeMug, NinjaTheory, skimyso, MHCL, spdbox, Jake, Levi, captainhammer, boxxologist, the boxxyfan (blogger guy), wavves, WellsR, ChunkieTehMaster, Shamage, messenger, tama, elco/monster , chaz S., Wilend, Sarkoh


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