3v3, also known as Eve, was a new character brought into the sphere on December 11, 2011. She made her first appearance in a video entitled 'Meet 3v3!', uploaded to ANewHopeee by Catie on December 11th 2011.

Santa Baby - 3v3

Meet 3v3

'Meet 3v3!' received a wide range of mixed reactions, mostly disapproval though. Some were happy to see Catie again after her two-month absence while others were displeased with the lack of effort put into the video (to which Catie replied with "you have no god damned idea what i've been through to bring you that teency minute. " (see here)).

Fun fact: 'Meet 3v3!' was uploaded twice, and almost a third time. The first upload presented audio problems which made Catie's voice barely audible (a re-uploaded copy of this can be seen here). The second upload posed the same issues although reversed, this time the background music produced by Little Kinky was almost unhearable. Catie made the video private for a minute or two before eventually making it public again and leaving it as-is.

Video Analytics
Although 'Meet 3v3!' has brought the sphere back to life, a portion of ANewHopeee's YouTube audience appears disgruntled.

As of writing this (roughly 24 hours after upload), the video currently has 38, 494 views, 1,101 likes, 494 dislikes, and 942 comments.

The following image shows in detail the gain and loss of subscribers of ANewHopeee during a 24-hour period between Dec. 11 and Dec. 12. Red numbers indicate unsubscriptions.
external image QL7RB.png

Before the video was released, Catie posted a picture of her in costume on /c/ and another unrelated picture after the upload that can be seen here.
external image Tkpua.png