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A group of internet bullies who were responsible for the ddos attack on Unichan: "Operation Counter-Strike", and gaining the trust of Boxxy's friend Niki purely to get new Boxxy pictures: "Operation-Bloodworms".

The Killwebs home page on December 15, 2009.

Operation Bloodworms

Operation Bloodworms was an "operation" by killwebs to befriend Niki in order to get unposted pictures and info about Boxxy and then use this to gain e-fame for killwebs. In some way it succeeded.

Cali4nia doxed

In late October 2009, the Killwebs leader, Cali4nia, posted threads on multiple Anonymous *chan /i/nvasion boards suggesting a raid on Unichan's admin Chaz. An /i/nsurgent from 888chan recognised that the OP of the thread was Cali4nia and then proceeded to dox him. The /i/nsurgent posted Cali4nia's name, phone number and home address in the Chaz thread and suggested a backraid on Killwebs for "trying to use Anonymous as their personal army". A few Boxxyfans joined in on the raid, including sending pizza to Cali4nia's address. Cali4nia attempted to divert attention away from himself by framing Boxxyfans, but /i/ took no real interest in them and no raid against Boxxyfans was made. went offline soon after and didn't return for over a month.

(Lie ridden) Message posted on shortly after being doxed (click for full image).

Killwebs never entirely returned, but didn't stop harassing Boxxyfans until after a fake ToS violation request was filed against in late December 2010 which resulted in the site being closed.

As of December 2010, the website has 404'd.