Don't be fooled!

Over the span of Boxxy's fame, there has been an assortment of fake pictures. There's also been some imitators and people who look like her pretending to be her!

Here are some of the known fake pictures;


On February 5, 2011, a thread was created on /b/ in which the OP posted a picture of a colorful clown (pictured below) stating it was Boxxy dressed up at a kid's birthday party. Almost instantly, the same thread appeared on Unichan (shown below). Within an hour both threads on both chans hit their bump limit. While many on Unichan were skeptical, comparing pictures and trying to verify the OP's claim (an example of this can be seen here and here), /b/ went batshit crazy, demanding more pics from the OP, which he eventually delivered. Lulz were had and many were disappointed to find out it was not Catie, but in fact a Mexican look-a-like who goes by the name Pixi.

The thread that started it all.