The third and final of the original Boxxy videos. This is the most infamous and well known of all the videos Catie has released. In it she returns her looks and personality of FOAR 4DD1 and talks about the threads about her on 4chan. It was originally uploaded on January 6th 2009.

Notable Mentions:


Boxxy says hello to him even though she doesnt know who he is. Brandon returned to the community in 2011 and after he proved proof that it was him and Catie confirmed it he was welcomed. He has started drama on iloveboxxy more times than Boxxy has said "umm".


Sheldon is Boxxy's husband. Yes, Boxxy is a married woman.


An old gaia buddy of Catie's. A sign that reads "i luv moochan" is one of the most edited of Catie's signs.


A b-tard that wants to watch "Across the Universe" with Boxxy and sing 'Hey Jude' to her. She then says she wants to hold his hand.


Catie's best friend irl. Catie talks about a picture with her holding a sign saying "Boxxy + Pocky = Luv".


She is a failure troll.


The original Boxxy remixer. He later joined the CBCR and used his friendship with Catie to get information on her.


He replied to FOAR 4DD1 in a six minute long video. Boxxy didnt exactly know what to say to him.

Picture's Mentioned:

external image boxxy-i-see-what-you-did-thar.jpg

external image Boxxy02.jpg
external image 10-mooch.jpg
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