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Is Boxxy dead
- No, she is not dead.
What is Boxxy's name?
- Her name is Catherine Wayne.
What is her favorite color?
- Her favorite color is purple.
What bands/artists does she like?
- Mika
What is her favorite car?
- Her favorite car is a Sky blue Volkswagen convertible beetle
Favorite Disney movie?
- Aladdin
Favorite character to depict off/on stage?
- Abigail Williams.
- "She was so deliciously evil, but at the same time I grew to understand her, and empathize with her, as most actors do when they are assigned a role."
Who is her favorite actor?
- Johnny Depp.
What is your favorite anime?
- "I don't have one anymore."
Favorite DJ?
- "I don't have one."
Favorite Beatles song?
- Here Come the Sun
Favorite food?
- Seafood
Favorite US state?
- Hawaii
If you could go somewhere on a vacation, where would it be?
- Boise, Idaho
- Disney Land
- New York
Favorite movies?
- Forrest Gump
- Hard Candy 0.o
- Aladdin
Top five favorite songs?
- We Are Golden
- Here Comes the Sun
- Don't Stop Believing
- Holiday from Real
- On My Own
Favorite Vegetables?
- Broccoli
- Cauliflower
- Zucchini.
Favorite DDR song?
- Candy Heart
Favorite Regina Spektor song?
- Fidelity

What is the song in Love and Trolls?
- The song is "Loud Pipes" by Ratatat