Old/Inactive sites:


Boxxychan.tk's logo displayed at the top of the board
Boxxychan.tk's logo displayed at the top of the board

What it was

Created in April of 2009, Boxxychan.tk was one of the first websites entirely devoted to Boxxy. The site itself could be classed as a chan although you could only post text. The only images on the site were the thumbnail sized caps of Boxxy which accompanied each post.

One of the Boxxy thumbnail caps was greyscale and boxxychanners sometimes posted "grey get". Acivity on boxxychan.tk was usually very slow, with only a few posts a day.

What happened to it

The site eventually became deserted after iheartboxxy .freeforums.org was founded and Unichan was discovered. After boxxychan lost it's .tk domain name due to inactivity, the site was spammed with advertising links by bots, rendering the site completely unusable.


The iheartboxxy logo

The Beginning

http://iheartboxxy.freeforums.org was founded in late May 2009 by two avid boxxy fans from boxxychan.tk who called themselves Overbeing and AthynKronos.

The Council

In early June 2009, a new hidden sub-forum was added called the "council chamber". The idea was that it was a place for the trusted members of iheart to discuss things that shouldn't be made public to any Boxxyfan or troll who joins iheart. In a way it was a good idea in that any info or pictures any stalkers found would only be shared with the people they thought were trustworthy enough to not brag about it and therefore anything they did wouldn't affect Cate since no dumb /b/tards like the ones who organised boxxpeace would know things like who Boxxy's drama friends were. Not every councilor was a stalker and many never asked to be made a councilor, they were just made one becuase they seemed trustworthy enough by the stalkers. Things didn't work out well as some councilors of course started bragging about their pictures and info by bragging in boxxy threads and even sometimes broadcasting their unposted pictures in the public iheart tinychat. The thread which led to it's creation was kept public and the forum group "Councilor" was also viewable by the normal users, so even though the Council chamber itself was unviewable, everyone on iheart knew who the council were and that they had something they weren't sharing. Eventually the council's bragging led to the event known as July 12th.

Eyrev-run iheart

Although it was the first of the boxxy forums it was ridiculed for being too strict in policy after Eyrev took over in mid-July 2009. Much of this wasn't because the policies were really strict but because they were made by Eyrev. It was also after he became a mod that several of the older members started posting less there and more at the invisionfree forums or Boxxy Forums. Eventually a rivalry between iheart and BF started, but later cooled down. iheart also faced fierce judgment by anonymous users at Unichan, first for their "hoarding" of info and pictures and later for their rules and policies which were deemed "nazi like" by many Unichanners.

The End - October 2009

By the beginning of October 2009 the admins, under pressure from Niki and after long chats with Eyrev and Pat, decided to close the forum. After a few days of making people's names different colors admin was given over to Eyrev, and he officially closed the forums. Although the forum was ending, some extreme users felt like they wanted a forum without boxxy, so they made one. iheartrandom.freeforums.org is a non-boxxy forum mainly made up of the ihearters who accepted Niki's word. The site was created by Ejm as a response to the shutdowns of Boxxy Forums and iheartboxxy.

The site was shutdown on October 5th 2009 which led to the creation of iloveboxxy.com and the non-boxxy forum of iheartrandom.
Later, ex-user and IHR admin ejm recreated the site. iheartboxxy is currently a read-only forum which has posts from old users during the time of the shutdown.

Site Admins:

Overbeing - One of the two founders, known for his artistry. Overbeing had prior knowledge of running a forum, and as such spent most of his time behind the scenes. He also was often found in the Boxxy-related Tinychats.
AthynKronos - The other of the two founders, known for his shrewd ideas. Athyn contacted Overbeing with the idea of creating a place for those who had a real interest in Boxxy to come together and share information and create a community.
Eyrev - Though he was a moderator until the very end of the iheart days, Eyrev still acted as an admin for a brief period.

Site Mods:

Eyrev - He came to iheart wishing to make amends for past actions. He sought out those who stalked and were otherwise potentially harmful to Catie and then discouraged them, though his history made some distrust him and paranoid he was collecting dox on everyone.
SuperKitty - Known for her art and personality, SK was made a moderator on iheart to general approval. She took the shutdown of the sites hard, however, and was at odds with Eyrev for quite some time.


Boxxy Forums logo from late August
Boxxy Forums logo from late August

BoxxyForums, also known as the invisionfree forums, was founded on July 12th, 2009. This forum was created in conjunction with a YouTube account, BoxxyReturns quickly after this youtube was made the forums were made.
These forums were used as a way of retreat when iheartboxxy policy became too annoying, and after Eyrev allegedly started using his moderator powers there to compile dox on the users suspected of stalking. Another difference between the two was that Boxxy Forums was more public, and accessible for a time by anyone who signed up. This led to asdfghjkl; eventually signing up and posting. Following that there was a lot of drama on the forums, usually having to do with Killwebs and Pat.
The site was shutdown on October 6th 2009.

Site Admins:
Addmin - Addmin formed BoxxyForums with the intent of having a place for IHBers to go while the forum was down for a weekend. He quietly re-opened the site when people became wary of Eyrev's influence on iheartboxxy.
Forby - Briefly an admin on BF. He created ILB right before the shutdown.

Site Mods:

Forby - Forby acted as a moderator on the site, and was in many ways was trained for his future admin status by Addmin.

The ilove sites (ilb.net/ilb.com)


One of the many creative logos of ILB.com
One of the many creative logos of ILB.com

iloveboxxy.com was created by Forby on October 4th 2009 as a response to the shutdowns of the two forums of BF and iheart.

After unichan.info's server broke in November, iloveboxxy.com was for a time the only Boxxy-website on the internet. A few refugee Unichanners registered on iloveboxxy.com and have so far stayed on the forums ever since. The site didn't have any real rules except for "just be respectful" and "no porn shoops". Forby and the majority of the users on the site decided it would be best if iloveboxxy.com was not advertised. Despite having questionably respectful threads such as "Cate's yearbook" and "Cate's next play", the site was generally opposed to actually bothering and contacting Boxxy's friends and any others who knew Boxxy IRL. After an ilb user contacted Dan on facebook and gave him the link to iloveboxxy.com, Dan attempted to register. Dan's account was never approved by the ilb admin, citing it would be against what Cate would want and would just give Dan more undeserved attention. The decision received a mixed response from the ilb users.

The site was shutdown by FreeForums in late December 2009 after it was reported for a ToS violation by Killwebs.

Site Admins:

Forby - Forby created ILB as a backup in case something happened to the other forums. He was right, and after the shutdown, he opened ilove to those who wanted to remain part of the community.
Intrepid - Forby was impressed with Intrepid on BoxxyForums, and offered him a position of co-admin on ilove. Intrepid accepted, and remains an admin to this day.

iloveboxxy.net (now forum.catiewayne.com)

One of many logos of ILB.net
One of many logos of ILB.net

The 4th large forum dedicated to boxxy and the first one with paid-hosting.

iloveboxxy.net was created on January 2nd 2010 by Intrepid and Forby.
Much like on ilb.net, Forby acted as the public face of the forum, while Intrepid worked behind the scenes. Soon, however, tension rose between the two on how the site should be run, and what constituted as a site that Boxxy would want. This eventually lead to Forby resigning as an admin. Afterwards, Intrepid added more rules to the site such as "no second names", however this rule was lifted shortly after Boxxy's return.

During 2010 and to a lesser extent, during 2011, ILB shared a userbase with Unichan. The molding between Unichan and iloveboxxy sometimes created silly situations while Boxxy was still absent, since Unichan had no rules about stalking and questionable content, while ILB maintained a more friendly environment. When Boxxy first returned, ILB's attempts at being nice to Boxxy by having more moderation than Unichan did it no favors as Boxxy herself seemed to have no problem with Unichan, with her posting pictures of herself there. It is likely she did so out of convenience however, since Unichan does not require registration to view.

More recently, however, Catie has used ILB much more so than Uni, citing the moderation and lack of obscene and derogatory content as motivation for the change. Since its creation, Cate has preferred CatieChan to interact with her fans, though she still uses the forum.

Site Admins:

Intrepid - Started ILB.com after ILB.net was taken down. Provides funding for the site. Periodically receives flack for his decisions and rules.
Forby - Continued to act as co-admin on the reborn site until disagreements with Intrepid and the future of the Boxxy scene lead him to step down. (Ex-admin)
Catie - The first account made for the site was created specially for her under the name of 'Boxxy', and it remained a beacon of hope during the rough times. She inherited the account after her return.
Boxxmom - In order to make sure that Catie's mother was involved, her ILB account was given admin status.
Pocky - Boxxy's best friend was given admin status on her account.

Site Mods (in order of promotion):

RC - aka rcoastee. Makes fan-art sometimes. Fired for private reasons. (Ex-mod)
Rush - Has left the Boxxy scene. (Ex-mod)
Alex - Organizer of the 1st Valentine's Video. Fired for helping RC evade a ban. (Ex-mod)
Normy - a female Boxxyfan best known for her fan-art, viewable here.
Nick - Pocky's Boyfriend.
Christopher - Bought the Inyusha bag Catie was selling.
Mau5 - Short for Anonimau5. Has a unique typing style.
Catiephobia - Also known as Jen.

iloveboxxy.com and iloveboxxy.net are the same website for all intents and purposes. ILB.com was shutdown after about a month of operation and before it could fully spread its wings; upon its revival with ILB.net, it retained the same members and admin team, and continued to grow from where it had left off. Similarly, forum.catiewayne is the same site as ILB.net, just with a different name.

New/Active sites:

http://CatieWayne.comThe OFFICIAL website for Catie Wayne. Has a Boxxy chan and forum. The forum was originally iloveboxxy.net

external image eurRD.png
An unofficial Boxxy/Catie Wayne fan site founded by Alex and ttocsn. Composed of a blog, chan and forum. The site has equal emphasis on Boxxy and an iheartrandom-like atmosphere.

BoxxyboardsFacebook fan page specifically aimed at Boxxy. After a long time of being without a forum, Boxxyboards (BB) merged with BoxxyForever.

http://Facebook.com/catiexboxxyOfficial Boxxy facebook fan page.

Boxxosphere Forum made by Connor. Not used often and is kept as a backup incase the main forums are shut.