December 12th, otherwise known as the 'Day of OrC'

Time and time again the Boxxosphere has proven its inability to withhold secrets. Everything gets released eventually.

On December 12th, the day following 'Meet 3v3!'s release, a large number of never-before-seen Catie-related OC began to emerge in the form of videos, pictures, and chatlogs. Although as great as this may sound, most of the OC came from RC, a disgruntled fan who now has a strong dislike for Catie due to unfortunate circumstances. In addition, a Facebook album was also discovered filled with pictures of Catie partaking in Dance Unlimited at the Performing Arts & Events Center. 8 unseen videos, 30 pictures, and 2 chatlogs were posted in total on December 12th.

'Get mad, Catie.' was the first piece of unseen OC to emerge on December 12th. The author of this video is unknown, and the only context given was, "Sometimes friends don't like their friends." The video appears to be a looped clip of Catie rehearsing for a play.

The same background and red shirt can be seen in the gif below, which was leaked sometime around June of 2009.
external image c8E75.gif

The above gif is from the following video, leaked on December 20th, 2011:

Catie partaking in Dance Unlimited at the Performing Arts & Events Center:

OC dropped by RC on December 12:

The following videos were posted by RC on December 12.

So she can wear the mooninites for YouTube :|

hurr durr. 'art is dead' is a song by Bo Burnham.