A basic timeline for notable community-related events in the Boxxosphere. For a more Boxxy-centric timeline, see here.

For easier identification, each event is labeled with a colored dot (●). Blue = low importance. Green = moderate importance. Red = high importance. The more drama or impact an event creates, the larger the importance; color indication has nothing to do with bias.

April of 2009 :
- is founded, the first ever fan-site and Chan entirely devoted to Boxxy. For more information, see here.

May of 2009 :
- is founded, a forum entirely devoted to Boxxy. For more information, see here.

June of 2009 (IHB) :
- A secret sub-category is created within the IHeartBoxxy forum called the 'Council Chamber'. This council was only viewable by a select number of trusted individuals. It was founded with the intention to gather new pictures, videos, and information relating to Boxxy. Some council members bragged about their findings to "outsiders", eventually leading up to a monumental event known as 'July 12th'. For more information, see here.

July 12, 2009 (IHB) :
- Two videos showing short clips of Catie less than 40 seconds in length that had been retrieved through efforts of IHB's Council Chamber were uploaded on the BoxxyReturns' YouTube account due in part to 4chan's threats and harassment aimed at the IHeartBoxxy community. One of the videos was viewed 821,975 times before eventually being taken down by the user. For more information, see here.
- BoxxyForums is founded by Addmin, a former member of the IHeartBoxxy forum and Council Chamber. For more information about BoxxyForums, see here.

February 18, 2010 (Unichan) :
- Donovan, an ex-boyfriend of Catie from High [[#|School]], makes contact with Unichan by creating two threads only with the sole intention of answering questions.
See OP's post here:

April 30, 2010 :
- Forby makes a public statement announcing his departure from the Boxxy community.
See OP's post here:

October 24, 2010 (Unichan) :
- Anon77/George Edwards is doxxed.

November 18, 2010 (Unichan) :
- Catie and her mother start an auction on eBay selling an Inuyasha Book bag for $40.00 USD under the account name 'lwayne9571'. On the same day, Catie also makes contact with her fans on Unichan, posting anonymously more than eleven times. A thread following this amasses more than 2,100 posts (see below), and dozens of Boxxy threads ensue on 4chan. A gallery of images detailing the events can be seen here:
See original thread here:

February 21, 2011 (Unichan, Tinychat) :
- Nexx,a mentally disturbed German fan that most users had assumed to be a troll, suffers a tragic breakdown from his illness and attempts a complicated suicide scheme on webcam. What follows is an incredibly tense night in Tinychat, watching Nexx taunt the police from his rooftop while also posting updates on his situation to Unichan. In the end Nexx lived, but was arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital.

April 1, 2011 (CC) :
- After Catie uploaded 'Wassupp' to ANewHopeee, CC was hit with a botnet attack that posted pictures of Dan Birlem for hours to no end. The spam eventually came to a halt after the botnet's owner decided to stop.

April 3, 2011 (CC) :
- All threads on [b/ are wiped from CC's [[#|server]] [[#|database]]; Admin makes statement about it (see here); all threads restored a day or two later with the help of Midir.

July 29, 2011 (CC) :
- A new board entitled /z/ is created on Catie's Chan for the purpose of archiving threads. See board here and an image of CC's reaction here:

August 3, 2011 (CC) :
- An anonymous user leaks 16 highly classified files containing pictures, [[#|chat]] logs, and text documents relating to TFC (Those Fucking Crows), a secret group project lead by Eyrev which at the time was set out to protect Catie and track down a mischievous individual known as Boxxyfan.
See OP's post here:

August 8, 2011 (Unichan) :
- Four days after the TFC leak on CC, portions of one of the text documents (TFC.txt) leaks onto Unichan.
See OP's post here:

October 5, 2011 (CC) :
- All threads on [b/ are wiped from CC's server database after a mod failed to input a thread ID# before moving it; all threads are restored a few hours later with the help of Midir. See image here:

November 6, 2011 (CC, ILB) :
- anonimau5 (Mau5) makes a public statement on both the chan and the forum admitting (s)he is a transgender; decides to take a break from the community.
See OP's post here:
UPDATE (12/14/11): anonimau5 has since returned to the community, interacting with others through Twitter, Facebook, ILB, and posting sparingly on CC.

November 7, 2011 (CC) :
- Due to recent events concerning RC and Mau5, UhSoJelly found it fitting to reveal the truth that he is, in fact, not deaf.
See OP's post here:

November 7, 2011 (CC) :
- 'The Shrimp' makes a public statement announcing his departure from the community.
See OP's post here:
UPDATE (11/8/11): 'The Shrimp' has since returned to the community and has played off his charade as nothing more than a joke.

November 7, 2011 (Unichan) :
- RC cripples from the drama revolving around Catie and his ban; posts timestamp saying "Goodbye"; considers suicide through overdose of pills.
See OP's post here: (timestamp here)

November 8, 2011 (CC, Unichan, ILB) :
- RC makes a public statement announcing his departure from the community.
See OP's post here: (and Catie OC here)
UPDATE (12/14/11): RC has since returned to the community, now answering peoples' questions and posting unseen Catie-related OC.

November 8, 2011 (CC, Unichan, ILB) :
- Anom/UhSoJelly makes a public statement announcing his departure from the community.
See OP's posts here:
and here:
UPDATE (12/14/11): UhSoJelly has since returned to the community, interacting with others through Twitter and posting anonymously on CC.

December 12, 2011 (Unichan) :
- RC leaks unseen Catie OC in the form of fifteen pictures, four videos, and two chatlogs onto Unichan. For more information, see December 12.

December 18, 2011 (CC) :
- Due to the site admin's negligence,'s domain name expired on Dec 18, and with it fell its forum (ILB) and chan (CC).
UPDATE (12/30/11): Twelve days after the domain name expiration, the site is now back online.

December 30, 2011 (Twitter) :
- Catie's Twitter account 'CatieWayne' is deactivated suddenly and without notice. In response to a question about the Twitter account, Catie said the following on her Formspring: "i don't know what happened with my twitter, im sure rc DID delete it. and he changed the password yaddayadda. he made the twitter for me originally, so it doesn't surprise me that i wasn't able to get it back. its just twitter, i can get another one."

February 26, 2012 (CC) :
- Catie Chan is attacked with a botnet shortly after reCaptcha is removed. Following this, /m] is bombarded with over 700 threads. With 14 pages of spam, it was decided by the administrator to delete /m] and re-create it.

November 18, 2012 (CC, ILB) :
- Two video games based on the Boxxysphere are jointly released on the two-year anniversary of Catie's return. BoxxyQuest: The Shifted Spires, an RPG created by The Shrimp; and Boxxy's Mooninite Adventure, a platformer created by JaKalibur.

February 24, 2012 (ILB, CatieChat) :
- A dedicated IRC chat server is set up by forum users CommanderVenus and DoubleDave, giving the Sphere yet another way to interact with one another. CatieChat can be found here.

March 19/20, 2013 (ILB, Unichan) :
-An unknown assailant hacks into's admin control panel, making numerous vandalisms to the site and ultimately leaking a database dump of every single Private Message sent on the site. Drama aftershocks continue to erupt for several days as the content within the messages is discussed publicly.