The title of the document; "THESE DOX BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE" wait, if the dox wasn't supposed to be leaked ...

Who the hell is that?

The CBCR or 'Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction' was a group of teenage boys who met in an IRC around January, all talking about the same thing; Boxxy.
The key leader of the group was a guy who called himself 'Eyrev.' He hatched the idea to steal boxxy's youtube account and take down her videos. With this idea he recruited the rest of his teenage mutant ninja skiddies and started up the CBCR.
Now, who were the rest of the members?

According To Them:

According to Us:

Zarithas - Founder
Vodderz- 2nd-in-command, investigator
Redcups - Investigator
anon77 - Investigator
y0uth - Investigator, Google cache/archive master
A20Address - Investigator
Gastricpenguin - Remixer of Boxxy's videos, friend of Zarithas, used for contacting Boxxy
WTSnacks - Techie and leader of Operation /b/auble
Mancini - Investigator, operative of Operation Hunter
BBC_Soundsystem - Logger; monitors the *chans for leaks and other things
Jack - Systems Administrator, Techie, FTP server admin
Candlejack - Leecher
Zarithas - Eyrev
Vodderz - Sucks Eyrev's dick
Redcups - retard who lurks in their IRC
anon77 - The guy who managed to take hold of boxxy myspace, youtube, and e-mail
y0uth - Might of given Anon77 a bj while he was "hacking" boxxy
Gastricpenguin - some faggot who messaged boxxy and felt special because of it
WTSnacks - retard who took the named of a banned 4chan mod
Mancini - wanted to be part of a skiddie gang, made up some operation
BBC_Soundsystem - /b/tard who 'monitors chans' more like lurks /b/...
Jack - guy with the FTP they used
Candlejack - scapegoat they use for dox being leaked

Boxxy's channel just after her account was taken

How they "hacked" Boxxy

This group of IRC rats didn't exactly do any hacking at all. Instead they recreated an old e-mail that boxxy hadn't logged into for some time. After they had that e-mail, they proceeded to use it to reset her password on her Myspace, Youtube, and possibly other e-mails too. Soon after her account was taken over, a video was posted telling Boxxy to never make another video.
A few things about the video; As you can see the CBCR are complete liars, since they released their "dox" of Boxxy even though she never made another video. Well maybe not liars, but just morons. The song playing is Gaucamole Chip Stand.

Where Are They Now?

For the most part, all of them ran scared after they were in the spotlight for a bit. While they thought they'd be praised for taking down her videos, they weren't by most. Even some people who disliked boxxy said it was wrong what they did. The internet should be about content freedom after all, right? Teenagers shouldn't be scared to post things on the internet. They shouldn't be stalked and followed then their accounts taken from them and their videos taken down either. Most people saw this and eventually the CBCR understood it too made some half-assed apology. Well mostly just Eyrev did. Most of the apology is just bullshit he wrote so that people would stop bugging him, not cause he cared about Boxxy. Not to mention he felt a lot of remorse after he realized what a pretentious asshole he'd looked like. Eyrev later tried to undo the damage with the OSBE.

Eyrev's apology video, the 2nd and last CBCR video

Anon77 gets doxed

One of the main members of the CBCR eventually got doxed himself. See page anon77.