Sphere Video Games

Catie is a muse - we all know this. She and her characters have inspired a great number of fanart pieces throughout the years. Type "Boxxy" into DeviantART, or "Boxxy Imitation" into Youtube to see just how many people have been inspired to create things because of her.

Perhaps the most elaborate among these pieces are the multiple full-size video games that her fans have created in her honor. In 2012, two users on Catie's official forum each released a separate game, each telling its own interpretation of the Boxxy story in a different genre. This page exists to catalog those games, as well as any others that may be released in the future.

Boxxy's Mooninite Adventure

Genre: 2D Platformer
Creator: JaKalibur, featuring music by SF4Life13
Release Date: November 18th, 2012

The first Boxxy video game, released on the two-year anniversary of Catie's return to the Internet. In it, Catie and Pocky (who has been turned into a fairy) attempt to help the Mooninites of Aqua Teen Hunger Force reclaim the Moon, which has been taken over by Svetlana. Platforming, annoying marshmallow robots, and many memetic references ensue.

There are three worlds, each with five levels and a boss. In addition, three extra levels and a new subplot involving 3v3 can be unlocked by surviving for one minute during each boss stage without dying. While the game is short (1-2 hours at most) it's very fun and a few of the levels are quite challenging.

It can be downloaded here:


BoxxyQuest: The Shifted Spires

Genre: Turn-based RPG

external image screenshotmosaic.jpg

Creator: The Shrimp
Release Date: December 14, 2012

The biggest and most elaborate piece of Boxxy/Catie-related fan content released to date. In essence, it's a 30-plus hour role-playing adventure that takes place in the Sphere, starring Catie and featuring appearances by nearly everyone that was active in the community at the time of the game's release. (In fact, that's why most people played it at first - to find themselves in the game!)

The storyline is very loosely based on a fanfiction that was posted in 2011 on CatieChan's /m/ board. It is a highly fictionalized version of events that actually happened in the Sphere's history; featuring evil schemes by Boxxyfan, betrayals by trusted allies, calamities of nature, Eyrev being mysterious, humor, action, and much more!

A sequel - BoxxyQuest 2: Storm Gathering, is in the making, with the plan for release being in
late 2014.

More information, including a walkthrough and the download link itself, can be found here:


CatieCraft Minecraft Server

Genre: Sandbox game multiplayer server
Creator: Zeitgei5t
Release Date: Summer 2011

Technically this isn't a "game" in its own right, but it's still an important part of Sphere history that took place IN a game. :D

During the Summer of 2011 Zeitgei5t and several other ILB users set up a Minecraft server for the community. It was a great place for Spherians to hang out and relax together when the drama on the chan and forum got too intense. CatieCraft remained popular for a time, but eventually Zeitgei5t realized that he didn't have the funds to keep the server up. Several imitations have been made since then, but they've never been able to match the first.

Important events in CatieCraft history:

+The time Kansas, Shrimp, Boxxychan, and Elro crashed the server by setting off a 5000-block skyscraper of TNT.
+The time Eyrev had an existential crisis of some kind when he saw that the moon was a square and not a circle.
+Elro's gradual, menacing takeover of the map by building increasingly bigger and more elaborate monuments of vanity.
+June's visits to the server, and the construction of her hotel as a big group project
+"Cornelia's Secret Riddle House Challenge" - a server-spanning treasure hunt with prizes at the end! It was won by Scritz.
+The subversive actions by a mysterious griefer, suspected to be Zangief - AKA "Zangrief!"
+Signception. That is all.

The map's last backup, such as it is, is available here!