The Boxxy Religion


Followers of the Boxxy Religion, henceforth known as boxxists, are very few. The first known follower was a Unichan namefag, Acolyte, who spread the word of Boxxy as much as he could. He began with a YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/user/TheChurchofBoxxy and later made an entire website, but the hosting was not so good, and Killwebs raided it. This was after Acolyte trusted Killwebs in helping him with the site. The Boxxists march on in their crusade.

Boxxist Beliefs

  • Anon's Statement
Boxxy is the prophet of god sent down to earth to free us from our sins, but Boxxy haters did everything to stop Boxxists from reaching this level of enlightment. Boxxists believe that their prophet will come again. God (who is actually Boxxy, not a trinity but a binity) created Earth in seven days but screwed up when s/he made human morals, so s/he send down Boxxy to cure us from our sins, but the devil sent his mudkips to ruin their lulz and banned and stole from Boxxy, Boxxists were helpless to do anything. At the end of the battles the haters had won, but Boxxists think that one day she will return. May the lulz be upon Boxxy.

  • Acolyte's Statement
We belive in Boxxy's teachings and the hidden meanings behind her words. Although Boxxy is our god, we consider ourselves a branch of atheism. For those of you that can connect the dots, this means that if we admitted our true beliefs then we would be blasphemous hypocrites. Our religion is based off of logic and proof, and through our findings we have made the assumption that religion, as unbelievable as it is, was made by very smart people for two reasons, either to further human society, or to take advantage of others, depending on who is at the helm. Religion was first created by a few clever people who could trick the masses that they would be rewarded after death for all there good deeds, and punished for their bad ones. A large portion of humans are born naturally selfish, but these teachings helped them to overcome their natural instincts and become human. The masses need to believe someone is regulating everything in their lives and in the universe. It is almost impossible to differentiate true believers and those who see religion as an opportunity to help others. (Mother Teresa, various charities, even Jesus himself). On the other side of the equation are the people who seek to use blind belief to better themselves. They trick the masses that they are somehow special or can talk to other worldly beings. Some of their motives are power money and fame. Looking back through history, they are easier to spot than their counterparts. (Medieval kings who used divine right, George bush using the christian voters, even Hitler himself argued at one point that Jews killed Jesus) As stated before, people need to believe someone is always alongside them, but most of the new world is too logical to believe that. This is where Boxxy comes in, she makes an ideal deity for many reasons, first, her physical beauty and innocence, second, she is human, tangible, we see her without faith, and third she has no voice, and try as they may, no one can speak for her. (This prevents people who claim to be Boxxists to take advantage of others)