This event occured on July 25th 2009.

The Meeting

Poster used to advertise the event.

There had been many failed attempts to create a meeting of anons in the name of Boxxy, such as Boxxmeet, the event which was Boxxpeace was expected to fail and fall flat on its face. However this was not the case, a group of 14 anons met at a park in Boxxy's town, after sitting around and talking for a while they decided to head off and investigate one of the addresses that Boxxy was thought to live at.

The known attenders are:
Big Red
Russian Girl
And several others who remained anonymous

The Search

They arrived and were stopped by a chair barricade, however this did not stop the mighty Big Red and he proceeded to push past the chair and ring the bell but there was no answer. Some of the anons there felt like this was a defeat so they left and went home however a few stayed and moved onto another suspected address. There was noone home or atleast no answer when they rang the doorbell so they left, but not before leaving some flowers which spelled out the word "Anon".


After they had found the house they went and found her ex-boyfriend Dan, with the help of the Rosebowl Kid: Derek. For some reason they thought this a good idea and proceeded to ask him about his accusations of defiling Boxxy, he was unable to follow up his accusations on camera however, it was said that he did say some things regarding these accusations off camera. They then went and got some frozen yoghurt.