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A fan meet-and-greet was always something in the back of peoples' minds ever since Catie made her return to the internet in November of 2010. It was hinted about in May by Catie herself soon after her fans bought her a free trip to New York as a Birthday present. Nothing was ever set in motion until August 12 of 2011 when a frequent namefriend of CC by the name of Drifter created a thread asking Catie if she would possibly consider the idea of having a fan meet-up in New York later some time in December. With no response 150 posts later, Drifter went on to contact her directly via PM on ILB , to which Catie then said she'd take it into her consideration. Boxxmom shared Catie's sentiments and discussed the idea with fans in Drifter's thread.
The very beginning of Boxxycon. (Click to enlarge)
The very beginning of Boxxycon. (Click to enlarge)

Some people were enraged at the mere thought of even considering a meet-and-greet while it excited many others at the same time. Much butthurt ensued between two sides - those who wanted the meetup and those who didn't. On one hand, some think a meet-and-greet would be fun and Catie wouldn't mind spending a day of her time with fans. On the other hand, some believe Catie's trip to New York was intended as a gift with no strings attached; like a vacation of sorts. Some believe a meet-up would be a hindrance to her vacation, some think she doesn't even want to have one despite Catie saying otherwise.

Several months after the idea of a fan meet-up had been confirmed, Catie pushed the date of the meet-up to Spring Break. More than 2 weeks 3 MONTHS later, an exact date at which Boxxcon will take place still has yet to be determined.
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Latest update (Jan. 31, 2012 @ 1:38 AM PST):

...The entire meetup situation can be more or less summed up with this:
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