The character Boxxy is a hyper, go-happy teenage girl who talks to a camera in a dark room addressing people. Catie 'Boxxy' Wayne has been noted to not be what she's like in real life. The character Boxxy wasn't simply a character for her, it was a different part of her personality that she showed, usually for comedic effect and when she was feeling happy and free. Her videos were never meant to get her famous, or to piss anyone off. Both the hate and love generated because of her videos was unexpected. She only made two videos for her friends on Gaia in early January of 2008 just for fun, but once her videos were discovered by 4chan, she made a third video on Jan 10, 2009 addressing all the rumors and mixed response she got from her videos, at which point her fame skyrocketed both on Gaia and YouTube.

The Origin of the Name 'Boxxy'

On April 4th, 2006, Catie Wayne joined Gaia Online and created her very first character called 'M o l d y Lunchboxx' where she would later be widely known as 'Boxxy'. The name Boxxy originated from her Gaia character M o l d yLunchboxx, which Pocky came up with when she was 13 and being a bamf. "Do yourself a favor; don't call me Moldy. The name's Boxxy." -- M o l d yLunchboxx (sauce)

For more than two years, Catie frequently posted on-and-off to no end, eventually amassing more than 4,300 posts. In addition to filling the Gaia world with her words of wisdom, she also made friends such as 4DD1 and Ant, both of whom would be regarded as the biggest "alpha males" in the Boxxysphere until Pocky would later denounce them as complete and utter asshats. Boxxy's most notable thread is called "B O X X Y'S QUEST" where she discussed random things, took donations for quest items, and did commissions for her friends. Two of those commissions would include her two first Boxxy videos. The thread is bumped every now and then to this very day.

The name 'Boxxy' was brought over to YouTube on January 3rd, 2008 when Catie decided to create 'boxxybabe', a channel in which she originally used to post 'FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY' and 'FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY' onto on Jan 6 and Jan 8 respectively. Soon after her videos were found and posted on 4chan, she deleted her videos as well as her account in fear of the huge reaction. On January 8th, 2009, after recollecting her emotions, Catie decided to respond to 4chan in kind and created 'boxxybabee' (with two 'e's) where she posted "FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY" on January 10th, 2009.

Catie 'Boxxy' Wayne describes her 14-year old self on Gaia Online

Catie in RE: An Amble in Powell Park

Before Boxxy

Before Boxxy was Boxxy, she was just Catie. The average teenage girl, perhaps too average. Was something waiting to emerge from her and spill onto the internet? Something awesome? She made 2 videos just for fun, as her normal self. Although the first one is in a sort of 'act' in response to a previous video she'd seen. Both videos are much less popular than the Boxxy videos, but still good enough to have hundreds of thousands of views!
I mean, of course they do, it's Boxxy after all. To see RE: An Amble in Powell Park click here.

Boxxy's Videos

  3. FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY (What is she talking about, you ask?)
  10. FOAR TOM FRUM BOXXY (A more 'Boxxy' like background can be found in this video by boxxydotinfo)

Date Created: Jan 03, 2008. Later deleted and reposted on Jan 8, 2009 YT API
Date Created: Jan 06, 2008. Later deleted and reposted on Jan 8, 2009
Date Created: Jan 9, 2009
Date created: June 17, 2011, July 16, 2011
Uploaded on bodaciousboxxy, then later on boxxybabee
Date created: August 21, 2011
Date created: February 14, 2012
Est. Views: Over 5.2 million and rising.
Est. Views: Over 3.4 million and rising.
Est. Views: Over 19.4 million and rising.
Est. Views: 6.9 million and rising (two videos).
Est. Views: 3.3 Million and counting.
Est. Views: 1.9 million and rising.
Time: 3m:36sec
Time: 3m:40sec
Time: 5m:07sec
Time: 3m:03sec
Time: 2m:34sec
Time: 4m:12sec
Summary: Boxxy's very first commission for her Gaia friend 4DD1 (aka 4DM1RALAWESOME).
Summary: Boxxy's second video where she addresses her Gaia friend Ant.
Summary: Boxxy's third video where she responds to the large response her two previous videos generated.
Summary: Boxxy's fourth video where she dispels rumors created by Svetlana and asks for her friendship.
Summary: In this fifth video, Boxxy gives a shoutout to 'Little Kinky', her friend's nephew's music band.
Summary: In this sixth video, Boxxy proclaims her love for Pocky as they have known each other since they were both very little.

Date Created: Oct. 25, 2012.
Date Created: Feb. 14, 2013
Date Created: March 22, 2013
Date Created: Jan. 09, 2014
Est. Views: Over 1.3 Million and rising.
Est. Views: 842,979 and rising.
Est. Views: 894,373 and counting.
Est. Views: 816,262 and rising
Time: 2m:56sec
Time: 3m:58sec
Time: 4m:05sec
Time: 4m:14sec
Summary: In this seventh video,
Boxxy relays her upsetting moment
when costume shopping for her
little sister.
Summary: Boxxy covers her bases in this
eighth video about what she looks for in
a man.
Summary: Boxxy announces her love for
the show My Little Pony in this ninth video.
Summary: MySpace lives on
in the heart of Boxxy and in this
tenth video we find out why.

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The numbers above only represent the views on the channels to which they were uploaded. Various mirrors of each video could potentially add thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of views.


Mirrors of videos are usually made and then re-uploaded in cases where a video may be taken down (sensitive topics, hate videos, etc. ...), when a video is so popular that one deems it as a way to get attention, or as a way to preserve the memory of someone/something.
These are not remixes, even the ones slightly altered, due to them not having anything creative done to them.

Such mirrors can be seen here:
This list is still being worked on, in no way is it a complete list of mirrors. Even when it is done, there are bound to be recent mirror uploads/mirrors under obscure names.
Note: Videos with subtitles may or may not be correctly translated.
Second note: In cases where a mirror is mirrored, it is usually the case that the one with the higher view count is the original.

Foar 4ddi: (5,924,332 - 16)
My name is Boxxy - The Original = 4,204,312 views | uploaded by HouseXElectroXGames ●●●●
My Name Is Boxxy - The Original = 1,581,579 views | uploaded by: UTubesTF
My name is Boxxy - The Original = 47,528 | uploaded by: Vjm4t4t3t3t3
My Name Is Boxxy - The Original = 12,780 views | uploaded by: Mrbosnia12
Boxxy Foar 4dd1 on speed = 6,884 views | uploaded by: Drillbitfailure
FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY = 6,404 views | uploaded by: TheBoxxyPhenom
My name is Boxxy SPED UP = 641 views | uploaded by: AleckzWarhol ●●
FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY = 1,282 views | uploaded by: OneStopViralShop (Account terminated)
Hi, my name is Boxxy! - Part 1 - Original - Sexy girl is talking like on drugs! Crazy! = 33,554 views | uploaded by: mps8video
First Boxxy Upload Ever Uncut-Unsensored FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY Epic life Fail #8 = 11,677 views | uploaded by: TheEpicLifeFail
FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY (1080p) = 6,756 views | uploaded by: Lemming Box
Boxxy aime Addi = 34,826 views | uploaded by: Martinkimi Subtitled in French
BOXXY FOAR 4DD1!!! = 180,413 views | uploaded by: Realunmaker Subtitled in Spanish (Must select Spanish from Closed Caption menu.)
FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY = 18,130 views | uploaded by: boxxybaabee -false account-
My Name Is Boxxy- The Original = 15,744 views | uploaded by: bestdancecheerleader
My name is Boxxy... and I'm on CRACK! = 52,148 views | Uploaded by: You Been Trolled
Backwards: FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY = 1,535 views | uploaded by: cmyanmar13 ●●●

Foar Ant: (189,770 - 7)
FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY = 6,256 views | uploaded by: TheBoxxyPhenom
FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY = 1,227 views | uploaded by: OneStopViralShop (Account terminated)
Hi, my name is Boxxy! - Part 2 - Original - Sexy girl is talking like on drugs! Crazy! = 9,282 views | uploaded by: mps8video
FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY (1080p) = 2,868 views | uploaded by Lemming Box
Boxxy aime Ant ! = 7,977 views | uploaded by Martinkimi Subtitled in French
BOXXY LUVS 4NT!!!!! = 92,150 views | uploaded by Realunmaker Subtitled in Spanish (Must select Spanish from Closed Caption menu.)
FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY = 72,221 views | uploaded by boxxybaabee -false account-

Foar Everywun: (2,688,162 - 19)
My name is boxxy 2 - The Original = 1,340,617 views | uploaded by HouseXElectroXGames ●●●●
My name is boxxy 2 = 553,056 views | uploaded by: Vjm4t4t3t3t3
My Name is Boxxy = 5,223 views | uploaded by: iMakeVideosFun
FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY = 9,878 views | uploaded by: TheBoxxyPhenom
My name is Boxxy 2 SPED UP = 12,223 views | uploaded by: AleckzWarhol
Boxxy Original Video Un Edited Epic Life Fail # 6 = 7,468 | uploaded by: TheEpicLifeFail
Hi, my name is Boxxy! - Part 3 - Original - Sexy girl is talking like on drugs! Crazy! = 14,491 views | uploaded by: mps8video
FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY = 8,269 views | uploaded by: OneStopViralShop (Account terminated)
Backwards: FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY = 6,360 views | uploaded by: cmyanmar13 ●●●
FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY (1080p) = 5,736 views | uploaded by Lemming Box
Mon nom est Boxxy ! = 105,874 views | uploaded by Martinkimi[107,278] and apex1predatorwwe[3,819] Subtitled in French
FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL by THEMEXMEWS = 14,393 views | uploaded by CapoProduccioones Subtitled in Spanish
Boxxy with Subtitles = 61,621 views | uploaded by Franky442 Note: The subtitles do not exactly go along with the video ...
Foar Everywun Frum Boxxy HD 1080p *NEW UPDATED VERSION + SOUND* = 92,084 views | uploaded by rcoastee
Boxxybabee = 172,443 views | uploaded by SEASONGoddess
FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY = 51,758 views | uploaded by boxxybaabee -false account-
My name is boxxy {Old} = 170,694 views | uploaded by BoxxyizBack -false account-
Boxxy = 87,834 views | uploaded by iamdark1988
Boxxy from Everyone Legendado PT BR = 120,638 views | uploaded by: RodCOliveira Subtitled in Portuguese

Foar Svetlana: (228,329 - 11)
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY = 89,263 views | uploaded by: Vjm4t4t3t3t3
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY (boxxified) = 59,947 views | uploaded by: BoxxyReturns
FOAR GURLS FRUM BOXXY (moar boxxified)= 12,590 views | uploaded by: leidbag ● (Account terminated) [misnamed mirror]
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY = 4,094 views | uploaded by: Boxxybabeimback
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY (Music - Slice) = 4,572 | uploaded by: 77veces7
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY (200% Speed) = 15,758 views | uploaded by: Icureditwithmybrain
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY (Slowed to 50% speed) = 5,199 views | uploaded by: Icureditwithmybrain
Hi, my name is Boxxy! - Part 4 - Original - Sexy girl is talking like on drugs! Crazy! = 14,543 views | uploaded by: mps8video
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY = 8,797 views | uploaded by Lemming Box
FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY (fix'd lighting + speed) = 2,032 views | uploaded by Lemming Box
REVERSED: FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY = 10,203 views | uploaded by Lemming Box

Foar Little Kinky: (5,866 - 2)
Hi, my name is Boxxy! - Part 5 - Original - Sexy girl is talking like on drugs! Crazy! = 4,674 views | uploaded by: mps8video
FOAR LITTLE KINKY FRUM BOXXY (re-colored) = 1,629 views | uploaded by Lemming Box

Foar Pocky: (31,528 - 2)
FOAR POCKY FRUM BOXXY = 28,532 views | uploaded by: Vjm4t4t3t3t3
Hi, my name is Boxxy! - Part 6 - Original - Sexy girl is talking like on drugs! Crazy! = 3,456 views | uploaded by: mps8video

Foar Gurls: (1,992 - 1)
FOAR GURLS FRUM BOXXY (rus subs) = 2,622 views | Uploaded by Boxxy Loves You Subtitled in Russian

Foar Bois: (672 - 1)
FOAR BOIS FRUM BOXXY = 672 views | uploaded by Kuiz Rincon Subtitled in Spanish ●●●●● [Video no longer available]

Foar Tom: (491 - 1)
Foar Tom Frum Boxxy - brightness adjusted = 846 views | uploaded by boxxydotinfo (blacker background for a more 'Boxxy' feel)

Total views for mirrors above: 9,071,142 (59 mirrors)

Although these videos have been altered in some way, they still count as mirrors.
●● These will be the only non-subbed video with its view being under 1,000 to be added to this list - for times sake.
●●● This user has one other video with the same effect [Foar Ant (742)].
●●●● These two videos have since been taken down due to copyright infringement. (more info?)
●●●●● Though this video has less than 1,000 views, it is the only Spanish subbed one I could find.

View counts as of 02-13-2015 2:33AM


This list is still being worked on, in no way is it a complete list of remixes. Even when it is done, there are bound to be recent remix uploads/remixes under obscure names.

Note: In cases where a remix is mirrored, it is usually the case that the one with the higher view count is the original.

Row Row Fight the Admiral = 205,697 views | Originally uploaded by gastricpenguin (Mentioned in Foar Everywun)
Note: has since been taken down. (Watch here - Maine Coon[12,494] and here - TheBoxxosphere[5,748])
Admiral Awesome = 244,790 views | uploaded by gastricpenguin (Mentioned in Foar Everywun)
Note: has since been taken down.
100 Greatest Internet Videos In 3 Minutes = 13,947,402 views | uploaded by ayazkhatrier
Note: While not a remix, it is cited as one of the videos many people first see of Boxxy.
50 internet memes in under 100 seconds = 5,673,375 views | uploaded by CloudSkull
Note: Also not a remix but cited as another first glimpse of Boxxy.
Love and Trolls - Boxxy = 6,657,281 views | uploaded by deepfatfryed
Boxxy - Trollin' Loop = 1,300,241 views | uploaded by alexajuna (Based on above video - though shorter)
I herd you liek Mooninites? (Boxxy remix video) = 503,218 views | uploaded by JBLanteigne[499,643] and TheBoxxyPhenom[3,575]
BeatBoxxy (Fantapants Boxxy Mix) = 17,625 views | uploaded by fantapants
[DotStor Re-upload] FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY Dubstep Remix = 8,030 views | uploaded by ryanisme2011 (find OG source)
It's So Long - Boxxy (remix) = 124,438 views | (If you like the words "it's so long", this is the remix for you)
Boxxy Retrospective - 2011 = 40,256 views | uploaded by jwagzzchrono (not ALL Boxxy)
boxx 2 boxx = 11,352 views | uploaded by parnas1us
My Name is Boxxy - Remix = 3,934,238 views | uploaded by adutko[3,918,381] and Sakuma8Ryuichi[15,857]
Boxxy Disco Remix 2011 "I Saw What U Did There" = 194,274 views | uploaded by shizzmylove
Rammstein ft. Boxxy - Du Hast Troll (music video) = 36,785 views | uploaded by AlexDoom
boxxybabee techno remix = 33,177 views | uploaded by djgruckey
MY NAME IS BOXXY feat. EMINEM ✪ AdviceBro REMIX = 34,017 views | uploaded by AdviveBro (Just in case you forgot her name ..)


Resident Boxxy remixer - creator of the popular remix "You See".
Season 1 songifications
Season 2 songifications

(Remixes will continue to be added.)

View counts as of 06-08-2014

Things inspired by Boxxy

Many Boxxy impersonations.
2 full-length video games with a third due for release some time this year.
A song by German band The Young and Careless (YoutubeFacebook)
Apple App soundboard for ios devices ($0.99)
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Released: Feb 24, 2012
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 6.4 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Christian Sorensen
  • Requirements: ios 5.0 or higher
Multiple other fantastic sound boards
Boxxy quotes quiz (Some quotes are not from Boxxy)
Make your own Boxxy
Android App soundboard (Free)
  • Category: Media & Video
  • Released: Dec 11, 2009
  • Version 1.0
  • Size: 124k
  • Seller: Pierre G
  • Requirements: Android 1.5 or higher
Boxxy^ Minecraft Skins
^ Make a paper craft of this skin here


After the first two Boxxy videos (FOAR ANT & FOAR 4DD1) laid silent for almost a year, only gaining about 5,000 views each, "FOAR ANT" was posted onto on December 27th, 2008. Soon after, they were discovered by someone at 7chan and subsequently embedded into the top of their /b/ board. This came at a time that 4chan was down for maintenance and 7chan was flooded with refugees from the former.
On January 10, 2009, at least 50% of the threads on 4chan's /b/ (random) board were about Boxxy, either pro or against. This amount of Boxxy on /b/ caused a war on 4chan that led to 4chan being taken down for a few hours due to DDoS attacks. It also lead to something that even today is being fought, a Boxxy hater Vs. Lover battle.

Boxxybabee Compromised

On January 18th, 2009, the boxxybabee YouTube account was compromised through the efforts of a group who called themselves 'Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction', or CBCR for short. One member of this group, anon77 (also known as George Edwards), took it upon himself to breaking into the boxxybabee account for allegedly reasons none other than "to see if it can be done." To do this, anon77 first "hacked" the email address tied to the account and then used the 'Secret Question' feature to reset the password. After successfully gaining control of boxxybabee's account, anon77 uploaded a video entitled "Dear Boxxy" (see below) threatening Boxxy to never make a video again otherwise her personal information (dox) would be posted online.

Boxxy's personal information, including that of her friends, was eventually leaked onto shortly after the hacking of boxxybabee's account. The paste was then posted onto various websites including 4chan's /b/. Eyrev later posted a public statement on boxxybabee's account apologizing for his actions as well as those of CBCR. This, combined with the hacking of her account, death threats, harassing calls, and stalkers up at her front door, caused Boxxy to leave the internet. For more info on how Boxxy's account was compromised, see the CBCR and Eyrev pages.

UPDATE: On June 29th, 2011, at 14:58 (5:58 PM PST), Boxxy's 'boxxybabee' account was restored and given back to Catie - with it came the restoration of her old videos.

A Visit to the forums

In early August 2009, Cate (Boxxy) decided to actually do something for once and register on Boxxy Forums, signing up with the username "asdfghjkl;". From there she made a thread pretending to be a friend of Boxxy asking fans "What do you 'want' from Boxxy?". The Boxxyfans responded with a variety of answers such as "for her to make a blog" and "make a new video". From the responses it must have been clear to Boxxy that all her fans really wanted was just "something" from her. As the thread went on, asdf made it more apparent that she was a "friend of Boxxy". This resulted in some Boxxyfans asking asdf questions about Boxxy and other Boxxyfans calling asdf a troll.

Interesting quotes from asdfghjkl;:

  • - "Different in pictures? I'm not sure what you're referring to. Are you talking about the lack of raccoon eyes?"
  • - "Never believe it's Boxxy without concrete proof"
  • - "Don't fucking call her Catie, you don't know her"
  • - "What if, assuming boxxy is a character, she posted more videos as a different character completely?"

A full archive of her posts on the forum is available here. (Dead link)

The Return

On November 18th, 2010 (PST), Catie 'Boxxy' Wayne and her mother start an auction on eBay selling an Inuyasha Book bag for $40.00 USD under the account name 'lwayne9571'. On the same day, Catie also makes contact with her fans on Unichan, posting a total of eleven times. A thread following this amasses more than 2,100 posts (see below), and dozens of Boxxy threads ensue on 4chan. A gallery of images detailing the events can be seen here:
See original thread here:
For more information about Catie's return, see here.

Catie and Matt at a Drama event

In Real Life

She's been described as quirky, eccentric, funny, outgoing, and sometimes even aggressive. But most of all she's described as just a normal girl. I think most fans know better though. They see more to her than other girls, or most other people for that matter. Sometimes being different is better. A lot of Boxxy's real personality can be gleaned from her formspring, which she created shortly after returning:
A recent picture of Boxxy/Catie IRL, autographing pictures for fans

Friends & Acting

Boxxy's circle of friends is mostly from her Drama classes. Outside of drama her most known friend is Pocky. However, she wishes that fans don't try to intrude on her friends unless they choose to visit.
Boxxy is currently probably pursuing an acting career, and will be able to do more with that once she's graduated. She has starred in several plays, most times as the lead. She has a lot of talent and some people say that talent shines in her Boxxy character. People who see her on stage say "Catie is mesmerizing and captures the whole audience whenever she speaks."
Catie (4th to the left) and Pocky (middle)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>